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Wicked -but-not-so- Lovely ?

Posted on: February 24, 2010

So I just happened to be on google and looking for Wicked Lovely information. It’s the first book in a series by Mellisa Marr. The book are about the faerie and human world; there’s 3 out so far. Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. But I just happened to find out that the 4th (and second last :[ booo only going to be 5 books *sniffle*) Radiant Shadows is out in April – though I’m not sure if that’s just america or the UK too…hopefully the UK too.

But then I found some mixed feeling news.

I discovered (as I assumed there would be one day) that Wicked Lovely movie is in production, set for 2012 I think. So obviously there is no news on the cast yet but I’m vaguelly dreading it because I doubt they can do justice to Seth and Nial my favourite characters.

Ok so Nial is a faerie and I can therefore expect that some plain looking person will be enhanced to look attractive (ok so they’ll be an actor and wont be plain but you know what I mean – they can make a person I would never really have thought of to look like the kind of person I like).  This makes me worry about Seth, he’s like my ideal fantasy guy…cool, tattooed, pierced, blue hair…lived in an old train (LOL), likes decent music… and I always though of him as thin but muscular…you know what I mean?  And yes makeup and props will do a wonderful job of turning a squeeky clean looking guy into Seth but I dont want that.  I want an actor who already looks like Seth!! Sadly I cant think of any :[


I did stumble across quite a few ‘my-cast’ videos on youtube.  I did like someone’s choice of Chace Crawford for Keenan, I can imagine him with a honey tan (ok I think he may be slightly tanned anyway) and blonder hair *yummmmy*

And someone else suggested Helena Bonham Carter for Bannach which I think she would pull off greatly due to the fact she’s one of the only people I can think of who could get away with feathers for hair LOL.


But still this business over Seth pains me.  I dont just want to be in love with movie Seth, I want to be able to cyber-stalk (JOKE!) the guy who plays him too!  Otherwise it’ll end up like me and Hugh Jackman…as much as I love Hugh I have to admit that it’s really Wolverine that I’m in love with =p


By the way Seth is about 19 if anyone has any DECENT suggestions (though they normaly get 30 year olds to play teenagers anyway)…I’m gonna flick through my dvd collection after my breakfast and see if any of them have any worthy people (I doubt it).


Maybe they should just make it anime instead :]


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