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Posted on: February 25, 2010

I’m so glad that I decided to check the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams just in case.  My little face lit up with joy when I spied it sitting open on the “get-your-makeup-done-here” desk.  I briskly walked over to the stand and picked up a box.  I couldnt see a price but I new it was between £20 and £30.  I didnt care how much it cost, I just took it straight over to the nearest free cashier.

I bet your dying to know what it is now huh?  Ok so you know that it’s makeup and its Urban Decay and that I wasnt expecting it to be in Debenhams yet.  But what was it??

It was of course the highly anticipated and greatly hyped on the internet Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay book of shadows!!  £28 and it’s amazing!  A work of art in itself.  If I could afford it I would get 2, one to use and one to keep forever as it’s limited edition. 

On twitter Debenhams mentioned they had sold out (twice!) online and they told me they would be in stores from 1st March so I wasnt expecting it to be in the shop, especially not the little one in Scarborough.  But as I was in town returning a library book I thought I’d check the UD stall just in case, and if it wasnt there I was considering putting my name down – just in case there was a mass sellout in Scarborough (ok so there might be in a larger place but I doubt that many people here were checking once or twice a week to see if they were in yet) – Yes I’m sad and pathetic and need to get a life, I know but right now I’m too happy to care!

So back to the box!

That’s it from the outside…sorry for the bad quality photos but my camera is a bit pathetic at times.  It’s quite a big heavy box (ok so I’m comparing the size to the only other set that I own by UD – the purple one with the silver mesh on the top and shades such as graffiti and peace and fishnet inside).


This is the little pop-up scene around the mirror that you get when you open the box.  Only annoying thing is that with mine being new and therefore not opened much yet it has a habit of falling straight shut again with the lid being quite heavy :[

OK so this is the pallet.  Although none of the colours are new and exclusive to this set I dont actually own any of them already so that is good :] (more reason of how I didnt waste my £28).  So going from the purply blue in the top left corner down to the black in the bottom right we have:

  • Underland
  • Alice
  • Oraculum
  • Queen
  • Chessur
  • White Rabbit
  • Wonderland
  • Curiouser
  • Muchness
  • Mushroom
  • Midnight Tea Party
  • Vorpal
  • Absolem
  • Drink Me, Eat Me
  • Mad Hatter
  • Jaberwocky

And you also get a zero and flipside eyeliner as well as the eyeshadow primer potion :]

Oh the shadows are on a little pully-outy draw underneath the pop-up scene.  The only thing I wish it came with is eyeshadow applicators.  But the whole set is amazing and I’m in love with it!

Here’s a photo of the whole thing to leave you with, sorry for the camera in the mirror, I couldnt be bothered to fiddle on photoshop editing it out.


3 Responses to "Lizzy In MakeupLand"

Reading this has actually made me want it too! Haha, I’m so easily influenced but it does look really awesome! I love all the names of the colours, you’re right in wanting two, I wouldn’t wanna use them haha.
I think it was £28 worth spent, thought I’d say that as you seem to be trying to convince people of this haha.

Hai, it is I.



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