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My Perfect Life

Posted on: February 27, 2010

The title is based on a book by Dyan Sheldon (it’s about one of the lasses from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen which was turned into a surprisingly good film staring Lindsey Lohan) so don’t get carried away thinking I have a perfect life LOL.

Back to blog:

So I was reading Hayley’s blog about how she wants a more exciting life and it made me question my life…I too wish for a more exciting one.  This is the most fun I’ve had all week:

Last night we (Chris, Amy and I) went to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif.  I’m not going to blog about how awsome the film is – go see it yourself and make up your own mind but I did think it was great!.  I’m also not going to blog about how cute the guy playing Percy was – or about the fact that he’s only 18 :[ – go see it yourself and make your own mind up :]

So back to what I was saying…the most fun I’ve had since Monday 15th February (we went out for Becky’s birthday) was last night when at 6pm I was sitting in the Hollywood Plaza waiting for Percy Jackson to start.  Then Chris and I went to Tesco…I was going to buy a pizza to cook while I did the dishes but instead we decided to go to pizzapizza and get buy one get one free.  I got chicken and sweetcorn :]

We then laughed slightly at the fact that it was only around 9pm and we were eating pizza….most the time in Scarborough when people eat pizza its around 2 in the morning.  (OK so I do occasionally go to Dominoes at tea time and get a pizza but I havent done that in ages…I rarely go to flames even though they are just down the street and do pretty decent pizza’s and I havent been in pizzahut for ages even though I love their puddings!)

So we ate pizza walking home then Chris left as she lives in town and I hurried home and watched all of Catch And Release (apart from missing the first half hour) while eating some Ben & Jerry’s.

That all sounds like someones normal life to be honest…but it’s not – my normal life consists of me sitting in my room on my own either on the internet or watching tv/dvd.  So that is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.


Sometimes I wish I had a spontaneous friend nearby who might want to get dolled up just to go shopping or wonder round during the day in cosplay not just on a night out…or a friend who wants to pretend they’re on a fashion shoot like in that episode of Gossip Girl when Blair’s mam screws her over so her and Serena ruin her photo shoot and steal the clothes and do their own out in New York.  Basically it would be nice if my life was like Gossip Girl (mmmm Chuck Bass please :] yesh sirrrr!)

If my life was Gossip Girl I would like to wear clothes like Jenny Humphrey did in season 1 and 2…you know – where she made her own clothes and had a cool style.  Not Jenny from season 3 where she wears rich people’s clothes and is all stuck up and bitchy and is soon (when it starts up again; 8th March!!!!!) going to sleep with a drug dealer and hopefully get pregnant coz lets face it…halfway through the 3rd season and no teen pregnancy yet :0 What is the world coming to?!?!


Peace out…I’m off to carry on my exciting life – have a shower and do dishes that dont belong to me basically =p

(my life is now back to normal as I was going to do fun stuff again today (go see Astro Boy) but Chris just texted saying she needs sleep so we’re seeing it tomorow…but now I’m too awake to go back to sleep so I guess dishes then back into bed and doing uni work)


4 Responses to "My Perfect Life"

What’s cosplay? xxx

Well I always take it to mean dressing up as an anime/manga character but people who go to like comiccon in fancy dress are cosplaying.

I wouldnt necisarly go anyway particular…I just want to wonder around dressed up as like mew ichigo or something lol. the only play I know that does cosplay competitions is like traveling man and possibly forbidden planet too (so if you ever see a lot of people in town dressed up they’re probably all off to some event in traveling man)

Oh and ditto on the spontaneous person living near you thing. We need to do more random crap whenever you’re home xxx

My perfect life would be to have a friend that just wants to suddenly go and do something completely fun nearly everyday! Like ice skating, abseiling, road trip etc! Just keeping active and doing fun stuff =)

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