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My Shit Life

Posted on: March 2, 2010

OK so the honeymoon is over.  The nice happy blogs about random stuff or how great everything is are over – back to the usual rant about my shitty life.  For once I’m not going to complain about Ashlie…I cant be bothered to rant about how she woke us all up on sunday morning; it’s kinda boring story but if you really want to know just ask me and I shall tell =p

But back to me, the most important thing in the universe (haha).

Tonight (monday)

…tonight was monday klub, I hadnt been planing on going out but instead was going to stay in and watch Glee; but if anyone asked me then yes I would go out providing enough people were going out.  Lee text asking and then me, Lee, Antz and Becky went out.  Monday’s usually involve the cask, spoons, klosters, whatever-else-is-still-open-and-serving, then vivaz.

So I spent somewhere between £5 and £10 enusring that I was drunk enought to dance to the crap they often play in Vivaz as sometimes its great and other times (more often than not these days) its totally crap.

But then we went to blue lounge after klosters as it was only 11.30 an we felt it was too early for Vivaz…I now wish I’d said fuck it lets go to vivaz early.  Because after spending a ridiculous £2 on a single vodka and lemonade (£4 for a double =O) we were on our way to vivaz and Antz had no money left so Lee was going to pay him in but had to get cash out and Becky was like “well I might just go home actually” so in the end we didnt go to Vivaz.

It’s only just after 1am on tuesday morning….I have therefore wasted a lot of money and a lot of sleeping time and an episode of Glee (Im now going to have to watch it on thursday after skins causing me to not want to get out of bed on friday morning for my lecture!!!).


I once again come to the conclusion that I need more fucking friends at uni or in Scarborough who actually go out and stay out!!

Fuck My Life!


2 Responses to "My Shit Life"

Aww that sucks, I have a feeling I understand this on some level like it’s happened to me before but that’s not possible so it must’ve just been something similar. So I felt angry on your behalf cause it was familar to something that had got me really angry before.
You could watch Glee on Megavideos…if it works well. Though when I did that I ended up watching the entire season, i totally forgot it was Monday today so I don’t know what one was on..

Oh forgot to say, the tags on this post are hilarious! I can’t repeat the funny ones cause I gave up swearing so I just have to say they’re funny =(

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