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Sometimes Even Fiction Isn’t Safe…

Posted on: March 2, 2010

I am thoroughly shocked and horrified! 

It is to do with Vampire Knight.

It is also kinda similar to something Hayley was telling me about.

The world disgusts me these days!

N.B. This blog will definately contain Vampire Knight spoilers as I am talking about something that happens around volumes 7 & 8.  So if you dont want to know then do not click the more button.  If you have no interest in reading Vampire Knight or have read it so already know the story or you don’t really care but want to know what I’m on about then click the more button :]

So Hayley was reading some books by Cassandre Clare from the Mortal Instruments series.  They sound good but I havent got round to reading them yet.  – But back to the point – Hayley was not very happy with something that happened (OK I’m not saying as I didnt announce a spoiler for these books but if you carry on reading then you’ll likely guess anyway).  She thought the world was a bit fucked up (OK I can’t remember if she thought that LOL but I did when she told me).

That little interlude about Hayley’s books does have a point.  Reading volume 7 & 8 of Vampire Knight made me think that the entire fiction world has gone wrong!

Yuki (the herione) likes Kaname (I guess he’s the hero but I prefer Zero) but I get the feeling she likes Zero too (YAY!).  Kaname anounces that he loves her which is why he doesn’t want to fill in her memory loss but he does by turning her into a vampire.  

It turns out that Yuki was originally a vampire anyway (a pureblood one at that) but her parents sacrificed themselves to turn her into a human for some reason that I haven’t quite gathered yet.  So now Yuki and Kaname are both pureblood vampires (purebloods do not have a drop of human blood in their lineage and are very powerfull and in short supply too!).

Hmm you’re probably thinking “so what, what is so shocking about that?” and to be honest it was pretty obvious that she would become a vampire.

But that is not what’s so bad.  Remember how I said that Kaname told Yuki he loved her.  Well get this sick and disgusting thing…Yuki and Kaname are brother and sister!!  Yuki was born with the intention of being Kaname’s wife.

It’s just wrong!  Talk about inbreeding!

So I know purebloods are rare…but why dont they have like 4 kids; 2 guys 2 girls.  They can marry each other; so yea you still have to start off with brother and sister marrying (but if we’re going to talk about that; what about the fact that we’re all decended from Adam and Eve who had 2 sons but noone ever mentions any daughters?).  Then these 2 sets of couples can have kids (quite a lot of kids) then they can marry their cousins who can have kids and eventually widen the circle.

So to stop the pureblood rarity they just need to have more children…like hellooo they’re vampires, they live for eternity.  That means they have an entire lifetime to keep on reproducing.

Plus I really don’t see why their parents wanted Kaname and Yuki to marry seeing as the Kuran’s are not the only pureblood family that exists in the fictional world of Vampire Knight.

I’m pretty sure I had ended this in a better way but when I clicked publish the internet would not display and the draft hadnt saved the last couple of paragraphs :[


1 Response to "Sometimes Even Fiction Isn’t Safe…"

“what about the fact that we’re all decended from Adam and Eve who had 2 sons but noone ever mentions any daughters?”

is not a fact. It’s just a theory…that happens to be wrong.

Other than that, yeah the world is fucked up. xx

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