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Posted on: March 7, 2010

My mam and dad came down to visit me yesterday (first time that they came for a visit and not just to pick me up/drop me off).

We eventually ended up at Scarborough Castle.  Now I’ve walked up to it a few times and around the outside that you can get too but I’ve never bothered to pay to actually go inside…I always assumed it was really expensive (it wasnt too bad with my student card).

We didnt get given the audio thing as there wasnt much time till it shut but to be honest I dont think I would have bothered with wanted to listen to it I prefer to just look.

It got me thinking though…I dont think I’ve ever seen a real castle.

By real I mean a full function not just a few bricks left castle.

I dont class places like windsor castle as a castle…they’re more like a big posh house (ok so it might have turrets…I don’t know what it looks like to be honest).

When I walk around remains of castles I find it really hard to imagine what they must have looked like…and for someone like me who has a pretty vivid and wild imagination that upsets me deeply.  I got all sad yesterday when I realised (though I’d realised this before too) that I cant imagine castles. 

I think the main problem is that most castles you can only walk around so much of the ground floor….so these castles are like 3 stories high but for all I know they might just have been one floor and have windows high up for light. 

I just really want to know what they looked like.  I went on wikipedia…they have a massive list of castles and I intend to check them all out (online of course, would be a bit costly to visit every single one).  I took great pride in laughing at the fact that there arent many castles in America and the one’s there are quite modern compared to English ones… this is most likely because America isnt as rooted in history as we are!

I also laughed that Cinderellas Castle at Disney was listed on America’s castle list. LOL big time!


So yea this was a fairly pointless blog about me and how I want to see a real life castle that isnt just rocks and speculations (“honest, this was King John’s bedchamber!”)…but I want to see it old style, not how modern castles are with modern junky decorations. 

I wish Magic Grandad was real! (Or time travel)


4 Responses to "Castles"

Aw hey this blog reminded me I’ve been to Windsor Castle haha, what’s weirde is that I remember it being a lot more castly than the pictures I see of it…I also remember climbing up one of those turret things and it was very castly up there cause they had the gaps to look out.. me and whoever I was with protended to shoot at enemies below XD
LOL at the american castle thing, no wonder they come here to see our history and stuff. I’m surpised they have castles at all even if one of them is Cinderella’s 😉
Hope you can imagine a castle soon!

Eh… you know america doesn’t have castles cos ours are all circa turn of the first millennium? And America is only really about 300 year old… before that it was jst a couple of native americans in a tent. Why would they need castles? Haha it’s like saying ‘there’s no castles in Africa’. Have you never been to alnwick castle? There’s still a canny bit of that left, or imagine them to be like Durham Cathedral but with more… bars 😛
I’ve been in a palace before, where we had to wear giant slippers over our shoes so we didn’t mark the expensive marble floors with our shoes. It had a massive hall where every inch of the walls and columns was covered in shells and precious stones. Twas mint. xxx

hence my “this is most likely because America isnt as rooted in history as we are! ” … I just didnt want to offend any americans who might be reading this by saying “you are shit and steal all our things” (most of the castles they have are modeled after some that we have)

I had to come back and comment on this! I was taking photos in the morning in Lincoln and I was on the way back on that point where you turn to the Cathedral which is where I always turn into if not go straight past and I turned the opposite way instead and saw this like old arch (there are loads in Lincoln) and wondered where it went, there were like 2 cannons outside it and then I went up to the archway and it said Lincoln Castle… turns out there’s a castle here and I never noticed :$
Now I’ve found out it’s sooooo obvious, we have like ruins everywhere…and the archway is so castle like haha.

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