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WordPress = Anti-Creativity

Posted on: March 13, 2010

I was just going to put this as a status on twitter but I figured it wouldn’t fit and if I put it as a blog I may get lucky and the wordpress people will see, read, and then DO!

Ok so this is me ranting…as usual =p

This time I’m ranting about the crappyness of  – I mean it’s great for writing stuff for you to not read but seriously they need to do something about creative control!!

I think I have the most ‘fun’ theme that is available and to be honest I think it sucks slightly and I’ve had it for round a year so I’m getting slightly bored of it now LOL.

So I went on a hunt today assuming that if I found a theme I would be able to copy the CSS stuff into wordpress and voila! have a lovely new theme.  I guess I’m just used to doing that from mibba or neopets etc. but nooooo wordpress is gay and doesnt let you do that!

I found an awsome website with loads of cool themes:

(I did have the website on here but wordpress informed me that it spreads malware or something…tis a shame coz they had really pretty themes)

But I really want a theme that reflects me more, or is just fun.  Like loads of themes have a nice picture on the top but then the overall background and layout is so strict and old and just screams “hey Im a middle-aged balding man who only likes the colour brown” (seriously!)

I decided to look for anime themes and found a cool website with about 5 themes on (erm I dont think wordpress asked me to remove this link but I couldnt remember so I thought I would remove it anyway) 

Like they always say they’ve added new theme’s so I go on expecting something cool and everything is just the same but in 10 boring shades of grey.

I suggest we find a theme we all love and then bombard wordpress with requests for said theme.  Surely if a few of us are requesting the same thing over and over they’ll give it to us!

This is a screenshot of one of the anime themes I requested.  It says Blossom though I’m assuming on mine it would say Lizzybeth’s Look On Life…but maybe Blossom is the charcter though she looks suspisously like Nana and I’m therefore going to claim it is Nana which is why I loved this theme (also it is pink!)

I might go hunt the theme’s they have at the moment and find the least boring one because Im bored of this one (though doubt I wont find one though!)


P.S. I’m very sorry I sound american throughout this saying seriously a lot…I annoyed myself and laughed at myself over that


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