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Paper Mache Fun – Rabbit Style

Posted on: March 21, 2010

So I havent blogged in while; first my account got suspended (a dodgy link apparently) and then I had 3 essays due in pretty much at once (ok so 2 of them I should have done back in September but hey I never learn and its a bit late to learn now, being final year and all), then I had to finish my mask, then I went home and didnt go on the internet till today as I was busy (watching Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX…way better in 3D than 2D)…then I went out in my mask.

This blog is mainly going to be about my mask…hopefully it will be a nice step by step guide :] (minus step by step photos as my hands were too sticky to opperate a camera).

So first off, I was making the mask for a friends 21st, we had to go out in animal masks and I decided to be a rabbit.  I looked on the internet and in fancy dress shops but there was no nice masks…I also only wanted a half mask so I didnt have to remove it eveytime I wanted to drink.  I quite fancied a donnie darko rabbit mask but that kinda needs the mouth on it in my opinion and well like I said I didnt want the mouth bit.

  • To make the mask I brought a plain white full face mask from a fancy dress shop to use as the mould as I coudlnt really be bothered to try and paper mache my face by myself.
  • I then outlined with pen the shape of the eyes and the cheeks.
  • Then I stupidly didnt line the mask with vaseline or clingfilm, instead I used strips of wet newspaper…no glue.
  • For the paste I just used a lot of normal PVA glue and some water.
  • Then I started the long task of paper mache-ing.  Ok so it didnt take that long, I just put some music or a film on.
  • Once the first couple of layers had dried I started trying to give a bit more rabbity shape to the cheeks and nose.  For that I used scrumpled up bits of newspaper soaked in the glue/water paste.  This part was very messy and my hands got pretty sticky :]
  • I kinda just stuck them around the nose bit and down to the edge of the mask.  It’s hard to explain, but if you were making a rabbit mask then it would really be better for you to judge yourself where abouts you want to put them.  Oh and I also put a bit around the eyebrow area but not too much.
  • I also stuck some black ribbon to use as the tie, that was just stuck with glue and then reinforced with paper mache.
  • The ears were my biggest problem.  I started off trying to make them out of tin foil but the paper wouldnt stick to it and I coudlnt really get a nice shape.  So I decided to make them out of carboard from a cereal box.  I scored the centre so I could bend it slightly to give a rounder shape than just flat.
  • I covered the ears in tissue so that the paper mache had something to stick to.  I then fattened out the back of the ears using the same scrunched paper method I used on the cheeks.
  • The bottom of the ears had carboard tags that I attemted to use to stick them on to the mask.  One ear seemed to stick alright but the other ear would not!
  • I did a finaly layer of paper mache to cover over the “padding” and to try and get the ears to stick better.

When it was dry I attempted to remove it…It took a lot of digging with a sharp kitchen knife and also cutting up of the mask mould.  The mask wasnt ruined though and it came off nicely in most parts, it was just the edges where I hadnt used water first.  I stuck some more paper mache on bits that had ripped slightly so that it would look a bit neater.

  • Once the mask was dry I found the ears were alright so I started painting it white.  I used poster paint first just to try and cover up the paper print.  Poster paint cracks a lot when dry.
  • I then used white acrylic paint, that looked better and didnt crack.  I also painted the inside of the mask so I wouldnt get paper print on my face.
  • I then discovered the paint had made the ear fixings soggy and they were pretty much collapsing again.

So I was in despair, I’d been up for an entire night on pro plus finishing 2 essays and my mask was not behaving.  Luckily I went home that night and my dad’s pretty good at art and making things so I got some help off him!

  • He screwed the ears on (yes real screws on a paper mache mask! They worked as well, though it did make the mask slightly heavier).
  • He lined the inside of the mask with a yellow cloth (the sort you clean the bathroom with) so it was nice and soft.
  • He covered the mask in cotton wool to make it look like fur.  It was quite funny when he brushed it coz the bits that came off did actually look like the rabbit fur we used to get off Mopsy.
  • I had wanted to make the mask look like Mopsy so I covered the back of the ears with black feathers from a feather boa just to give them a bit of ooomph.  Then it turned out the paint I’d brought was dark brown not black (stupid lighting in the shops and confusing paint names).  By the time I got black paint my dad said there wouldnt be time for it to dry and to just leave it.
  • My dad had added black feathers for the whiskers.

In my opinion my mask looked fricking awsome!

Paper mache rabbit mask

So we went out to town…a troop of animals.  Though we kinda didnt really wear our masks much and the birthday girl had left her mask in the taxi.  I did deposit my mask in the cloakroom at Krash but then a few of us were still wearing them and I thought “hey Ive made it I might as well wear it”

So I kept it on the whole time, it made dancing a bit tricky and I coudlnt look at the floor too well unless I held onto the mask…it being a bit top heavy and all. 

I got informed a few times I looked like the rabbit from bioshock…I had no idea what that rabbit looked like as Ive only seen trailers for bioshock 2 which I dont remembering featuring a rabbit but when I googled before I realised it did look quite a lot like it…the game also looks pretty good :]  I might invest so it can be another game I never finish *coughamericanmcgeesalicecough*

Then in the takeaway while I was waiting for my mates this tosser who wasnt even from newcastle was like alice in wonderland was wrote by a guy, the white rabbit is a guy so basically you are dressed up as a guy or something to that effect…I think he was trying to be witty or interlectual but to be honest I didnt really understand a word he said.

Then his other drunken mate was sitting there going “no its donnie darko. Have you seen donnie darko, its donnie darko”….over and over, while their other friend was like “where’s the decent strip club round here?” (like I would know!)  Oh and they also demanded to know why I was wearing it…I was like “um its a saturday night in newcastle…why the fuck cant I wear a mask?” … they were from Luton or somewhere, I guess people dont dress up there.


Anyway, hope you like the mask, its now sitting on top of my shaun the sheep stool LOL, my mam and dad were surprised it came home in one piece.  Hopefully I’ll wear it again at somepoint, though I might do the extra painting to make it look more like Mopsy :]  (oh and yes Ive been made aware of the fact it looks kinda french/italian with its whiskers LOL).

white rabbit mask


1 Response to "Paper Mache Fun – Rabbit Style"

I like it! It’s kinda creepy too…
Luton is dodgy, keep away from those dudes haha. Can’t believe your dad screwed on the ears that’s kinda cool, if I attempting something like that it would not work XD

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