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The Pretty Reckless

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl played by Taylor Momsen used to be one of my favourite GG characters, she had great hair and fashion sense and she didnt seem afraid to be different (though she at the same time she tried way to hard to fit in with Blair etc).

But now, new Jenny….Queen of Constance is a bit of bitch – ok so you have to be a bitch to be Queen of that school but still; now that she’s rich she’s a totaly jerk to her friends and family (and where is Eric by the way?).

Plus she no longer wears her own clothes :[

So I was bored today and somehow ended up on the Taylor Momsen IMDB board – there’s a lot of peole slagging her off as their always is.

Most of them seemed to be saying what Hayley and me end up talking about after an episode of Gossip Girl (apart from saying how much we love Chuck Bass!).  Most of them seemed to be calling her a slut…well I dont know about Taylor herself but Jenny isnt technically a whore yet LOL.

I ended up following a link to a website slagging off her outfits (Taylor’s not Jenny’s)…She seemed to be wearing underwear and not much else on most of them – or she would go to the other extreme with (what I think of as the dreaded) the Maxi-Dress.  I was tempted to say there was nothing wrong with her wearing garters and stockings with a long-ish top as for some reason underwear as outawear seems to be all the craze recently; but well…I couldnt really be bothered to be another person voicing their unimportant opinion.  So instead I blogged :]


I also discovered Taylor Momsen is in a band (seriously can people not either just act or just sing, do they have to do both grrr!  I wish I was tallented at one thing never mind 2!).  I think her band is called The Pretty Reckless.  Youtube them!  I think they might soon be one of my new favourite bands as soon as I can find a CD (I dont think they have one out yet).  The songs are pretty catchy and the sort of stuff I like.  It’s weird coz her voice sounds really old, a lot older than 16 anyway (I think thats how old she is).  She kinda sounds a bit like the runaways (which according to someone on IMDB is one of her influences – maybe a bit too much).

Like I said I thought the songs were pretty good though if I found a live video I had to avoid watching it as watching Taylor Momsen strut around on stage fluffing her hair and rubbing up against the guitarist was not exactly my sort of fun and it was kinda putting me off the song LOL.

I do think her stuff is better than the lass who plays Blair songs (leighton meister or something) but maybe thats just because They Pretty Reckless is more my sort of music.


I get the feeling Taylor Momsen is going to be like Dakota Fanning to me, I think shes pretty great but at the same time I effing hate her!  (mainly becuase Im jealous!).

Speaking of Dakota Fanning, there was some people on IMDB board saying that Taylor should have played Cherry in the Runaways movie….yea she might look like her (platinum hair) and yea she can sing but no way does she have a patch on Dakota’s acting skills!  I dont think anyone will ever beat her acting skills no matter how hard they try; I guess its because she didnt grow up doing Disney films and therefore can do more adult films without everyone being all shocked LOL.

Sorry I kinda digressed a bit at the end from Taylor to Dakota LOL….but yea go listen to the pretty reckless, they have some good stuff.

Ooo before I leave (I was going to put a picture on but figured you could just google instead) there’s a photo on google of Taylor with brown hair…she looks so different, kinda like Michelle Tratchenburg.  I also love seeing photos of Taylor from like season 1 of gossip girl (or even watching season 1)…she looks so much more inocent and younger!  (I also think Serena’s voice sounds different in S1 but thats another story).


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