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Monopoly Land

Posted on: March 29, 2010

OK this blog is called Monopoly Land as its all about London and to me monopoly IS London (I dont care that you can get other citys and counites such as newcastle, sunderland, yorkshire – or that in a different country monopoly boards probably have their places not London – and I especially dont care that now you buy the world in monopoly instead of pal mal!).  While I was in London I was going to take a photo of signs for all the places on monopoly – I only found a marylebonne station sign and didnt take a photo LOL.  One day I shall!

So I ventured off to the big capital of England on Friday.  Got the ‘fast train’ down with my mam and auntie, by fast train I mean we left Newcastle at 1 and got to london about 3.30ish so it was only round 2 hours instead of round 3.  My sister lives in London (well North Grenwich) so we were staying with her.  She lives near the O2 (originally the millenium dome).  The O2’s pretty cool inside, its a bit like the gate at home (i.e. cinema and lots of places to eat and drink) but a hellova lot bigger :]  There was also a rollar rink with people who have nothing better to do on a Friday night (and any other time judging by how they skated!), obviously there is also the parts where they have shows and there was also this  british music museam thingy which sounded good but it was shut by the time we went to the O2 for tea and I never went inside the rest of the weekend.

On the Saturday morning we wandered around, across the Thames from my sisters you could see the olympic stadium theyre building.  We got the tube to the Eye (didnt go on, the queue was massive and I think all of us except my auntie have been on before) and walked past westiminster and big ben and up to Buckingham palce and through St. James park and up the the Ritz and on to Mayfair.  It would have been a much nicer walk if my tights didnt keep falling down; if I didnt have to drag my mams suitcase (she was only there for one night!  I had a rucksack full of everything for the weekend!!); and if it hadnt kept raining on and off a lot.

So the main reason to go down was (well apart from seeing my sister and where she lives now) to go for afternoon tea at the Connaught hotel at Mayfair (a sister of Claridges).  One day (my mams 60th hopefully) I shall go for afternoon tea at the Ritz, but for now we made do with the Connaught.

IT WAS AWSOME!!  And well posh!  So we had nice clothes on and all that.  I dont realy drink tea but I decided to try a Caramel tea, it smelt really caramelly but didnt taste of anything to be honest.  We got our finger sarnies (without crust), there was egg mayo which I ate a lot of being the only one I really liked, praun something or other (I didnt like that much) cucumber and dill (it was ok but I had to remove the cucumber) and salmon and wasabi which I didnt even try lol.  And they kept bringing more and more sandwiches till we didnt want anymore and just wanted the fun part!

There was a nice bowl of warm scones, plain and apricot.  Clotted cream (with a blueberry and blackberry placed on top that I ate nom nom), raspberry jam, apple jam, marmalade and cherry jam.  Then there was lots of little pastries which I cant even remember what they were; I think I had 2 and 2 and a half scones.  Then there was a slice of chocolate cake (more like chocolate bread) and some other cake that had tea and lemon in I think.  It was all scrumptious!  And they kept pouring more tea out and they put our napkins on our knees lol.  And in the toilets the woman turned on the tap for us and I thought she was actually going to dry my hands for me lol…was a bit weird that part.  It was £35 each but well worth it (though my auntie and mam payed and me and my sister just payed the service charge which was like £22).  Oh my ‘cousin’ Sarah who lives near London now came for tea too!

After that my mam and auntie went home on another fast train and me and my sister went off to Oxford street so my sister could go to M&S and I could go in the massive Topshop ❤

We didnt go out on the Saturday night, we were both a bit knackered and everything costs more in London…she said if we’d gone home earlier she would have taken me to Camden where I would actually like the music instead of places where she goes; instead we stayed in and watched walk the line.

I’d printed off some 241 tickets that you can use with your train ticket to get entry into places.  I’d gotten the dungeons, zoo and tussuads.  My sister had done the Dungeons so we didnt go there and I thought it might rain so we didnt do the Zoo.  By the time we got to Madame Tussauds the queue was massive!  So we wandered around and ended up on Baker street with a nice Beatles Memorablia shop (had awsome stuff but I was a bit skint) and then we went in Sherlock Holmes house (though how he has a house if he’s a fictional charcter beats me).

After that the queue was still pretty big so we went to Hamleys as I’d never been in.  I’d love to work there!  Or buy the place out LOL.  There was the cutest black bunny rabbit in a green jacket in a glass case for like £300 or something!  Was soo sweet though.  The girls floor made me laugh but was kinda awfull too – they have this section called Tantrum and its a hair and nails salon for little girls.  It kinda made me wana go rub some dirt in these kids faces and tell them to be a child while they still can.

Then we went to a market, I think it was Spitalfields; some of the stalls had nice stuff but I didnt have any cash and didnt know if I could use my card…plus Im meant to be saving money lol.  I got a yummy slice of chocolate gataeu cake though!

By this time the queue for Tussauds was about an hour so we went and waited.  Eventually we were inside; and yes I queued to get my photo with Robert Pattinson, I didnt buy it though, it wasnt too good and my sister had taken one as well so I have that one instead.  I’m sure the guy said the largest waxwork was there (the hulk) but I didnt see it, maybe its in America.  they did have the smallest (Tinkerbell) in a glass ball, they could at least put it in a lantern like in the film.

It was a bit weird, I know they probably remove things to put new ones in but Tussauds in Amsterdam has the spice girls yet the one in London doesnt.  I was also expecting to see like the sex pistols or something like that (there was mr t -rex though!); maybe they had them and took them away or maybe they never did them.

There was this weird bit called scream that had live actors and not many wax works.  It was meant to have moving platforms but I swear the floor never moved for me.  The stupid lasses in front of us kept screaming and kinda ruined it all as there was nothing scary about it (apart from turning round and there’s a guy just standing there).

At the end of it you get in a london cab and go on a journey through London, I think there was meant to be comentary but ours didnt work :[  We brought our picture though :]  Even though we’d both smiled too soon.

Thats it of my recent venture to London, though I think I might blog about all the touristy things I wana visit there at some point LOL.  I got the train back from Kings Cross this morning, I was hoping to go take a photo at platform 9 3/4 but unfortunately trains to newcastle leave in the main building (platforms 1 -8) and obviously harry potter’s platform is in the other building (I’ll have to get the train to Paris some day as that leaves from that building).


Oh and Hayley – I think we should go to Tussauds in New York – Im hoping they’ll have some CBGB related wax works :]


2 Responses to "Monopoly Land"

CBGB…Am I supposed to know what that stands for? xx

CBGB & OMFUG = country bluesgrass blues & other music for uplifting gormandizers. It was like the home of punk rock till it closed a few years ago :[ I think my auntie said she went there when she went to new york. we might have to walk past and take a photo of whatever the hell is there now just so I can say “and this was where CBGBs used to be”

I wish it wasnt closed :'[

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