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Kick-Ass Kicked Ass…

Posted on: April 6, 2010

I finally went to see Kick-Ass today :]  … is it too corny to say it kicked ass?

So I’m hopefully not going to spoil the film for you in this blog.  If I do realise I’ve given something away then I’ll write SPOILER in massive writing before it so you can quickly look away (I could possibly do with one of those spoiler banners they have on imdb).

So yea like I said, it was pretty awsome.  I think I laughed pretty much all the way through, though at one point I seemed to be the only person in the cinema laughing – maybe its just me and seeing someone fighting in a skin tight green wetsuit with washing up gloves on makes me laugh albeit hysterically.

I guess there was slightly more violence in than I thought there would be, but it wasn’t like ewww look away violence, or thats way over the limit violence, or ok now they’re just being ridiculous and trying to start a cult following violence.  It was violence that fitted in with the film; and it was laced with humour so it was good.

I did like the begining a lot, I knew it was going to happen but it made me laugh still.  Think hot fuzz with the stone from the top of the church, that kinda obvious thing.

One of the things I really liked was how the adverts didnt really give too much away.  You know how sometimes you watch the adverts and think well hey now I dont have to see the film coz Ive just seen it all (I still usually see the film though =p).  Well I dont think the adverts spoilt too much, there was some pretty good …erm I dunno, twists for lack of a better word though they werent really twists, they were just stuff you didnt already know.

The ending was good.  Though it left me thinking “omg they better NOT make a kick-ass 2”.  That might surprise you seeing as how I’ve just said it was realy good.  But I think if they made a second one then it would just turn the original into a massive franchise.  And even though I like some sequels and some are nessecary (like harry potter, twilight etc); other times I wish they would just leave a perfectly good film as it is instead of trying to outdoo it in a bigger budget sequel just because the original got so much hype.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack too :]  I have it now, so I can listen to the pretty reckless – make me wanna die all the time now =] (well I cant as I left my ipod to pc wire at uni :[ ).  I took my time putting my coat on etc at the end as make me wanna die was played during the credits, though Im pretty sure the intro was played at various points during the film (could be my mistake though).

Throughout the film I found myself thinking:

  • I wonder how many people are now going to go round dressed as superheroes.  Though if they live in a neighbour hood like Dave they might want to think twice!
  • and – OMG I totally want to be a superhero.

I think one thing I loved was that an ordinary person with no powers at all (and therefore no responsibility =p) could pretend to be a superhero.  It’s like when I watch stuff like x-men or spiderman etc (especially when I watch x-men as I wish that Xaviers school was real!) I totally wish I had superpowers…I dont know if I want to be a superhero or just be able to fly or something….havent decided yet.  So throughout the film I found myself wishing I could run around in a dodgy costume and pretend to save people…though that’s a bit harder to do in the UK what with all the guns and knives laws – everything is simpler in the USA.  But I refuse to be succumed by the film and I will not pretend to be a superhero

… except in my dreams :]


So yea, if you havent seen kick-ass yet I do recomend it.  I shall be buying it when its out on dvd (I sat and thought that a lot throughout the film too!).  Get the soundtrack too, tis good!  (and not just coz of the pretty reckless song =p)

I was going to make the title my superhero name but to be honest Im pretty dull and dont know what my superhero name would be except something like “nothing-girl” or “boring kid” or ooo “house cat” (thats what my dad calls me as I just sit on the sofa infront of the fire a lot) … do those names strike fear into your heart?  I thought so! =P


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