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Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced

Posted on: April 14, 2010

No… seriously don’t bother.  You don’t have to kiss me and I sure aint shit faced right now – I haven’t been for quite a while now lol.

Title of post = I went to see the Dropkick Murphys last night.  It was awsome!  (urgh I need a new word, I’m so sick of saying awsome…I’m not American dammit!)

It was the first time I’d seen them but I seriously hope not the last.  I foolishly wore my ‘white’ converse.  Well not foolishly as I tend to wear them now coz I’ve checkerboarded the laces on my Vans so they dont stay on my feet well enough at gigs.  But my once sort of white converse now look vaguely like they did when I got back from Leeds fest last year – basically manky!  Thanks to the many Doc Martins that stood on them last night.

It’s DM’s 50th aniversary and they sure do a lot of buisness in the Newcastle area…I myself have 4 pairs.  I think out of all the people there last night about 1 in 3 had some Doc Martins on LOL…yea the majority of people there were skinheads.

so anyway back to the gig.  We missed [spunge] we were in the pub.  We saw face to face…I didnt know any of their stuff but its sounded alright.  Then at about half 9 after a lot of chanting “lets go murphys!” they eventually came on. 

I can’t remember what they started with (they have been around for over 10 years so have a pretty big back catalogue!).  They did songs I love and songs I could really remember coz I guess I deleted them when I went through a clean up on itunes.  They finished off the first set with kiss me I’m shitfaced and these lasses near the front just randomly got up on stage…then more lasses got up.  If I’d been next to my mate at the time I probably would have dragged her up with me (I wasnt gonna go up alone!).  I was thinking “should I go up” but decided not to coz the only words I could currently remember was kiss me I’m shitfaced and then a few other random parts of the song…I dont think it would have mattered though as their was one woman up there who wasnt singing at all!  There was a lass in the middle who seemed to love herself a bit too much; she pissed me off slightly though she had a nice jacket with a horropops patch on the back.

For their encore they did some songs I cant remember and also shipping up to boston then I think they might have finished up with boys on the docks (or second last) and this time loads of guys got up on stage.

There was this fat old man that had no shirt on and kept crowd surfing…I nearly broke my wrist trying to lift some young lad up so I kept praying that the fat dude wouldnt want to go up next to me LOL (mean I know).

Some random things I discovered last night:

  • Old men are really mean in pits.  Ok by old I mean 40+  Usually older people are a bit kinder and look after me, like at floggin molly all the old biker dudes were proper canny.  Maybe its just Murphy fans or old skins that are mean LOL.  Though one old man did have his arm around me for a bit to keep me up :]
  • People shouldn’t be allowed to take their tops off… OK so I know we all get hot and sweaty and theirs been plenty times I wish I was a bit skinier/had guts to take my top off.  But I dont think they should be allowed coz sweaty skin means you slip off, at least if they have a top on you can grab hold of that to stop yourself falling.
  • Although the few times Ive been to a gig in my DMs I didnt feel like I could jump properly…next time I see the dropkick murphys Im deffinately wearing mine so I dont get my feet trampled quite as much!
  • Next time I see them (I bloody hope theres a next time) I’m getting up on stage!  I soo wish I’d gone, it would probably be the only time I get the oportunity and I missed it.  At least I took the opertunity at Rise Against to ignore the “no crowd surfing” rules and did it anyway.


So yea that was my fun night last night.  I think I might email Mike Davies and beg him to get them on the lockup stage at Reading and Leeds (though Im pretty sure he has the bands now just not announced it yet) so that I can go on stage (Im just assuming here that they do it at every gig seeing as these people seemed to have been expecting it).

Role on tonight and Bowling For Soup Accoustic :]  It should be nice and calm LOL.

I thought Id list some songs I remember in case you’re interested:

  • kiss me im shitfaced
  • tessie
  • shipping up to boston
  • boys on the docks
  • sunshine highway
  • auld triangle
  • johnny i hardly knew ya
  • erm ok I cant remember what else…I remember bits of the songs LOL and there was this one where some random lass from somewhere in america came out and sang but I cant remember what that was either

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