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“Hello My Name Is Lizzy And Im Having A Shit Day”

Posted on: April 20, 2010

ok so that was my status yesterday….it reminded me of being at an AA meeting but instead of saying “hi my name is Lizzy and Im an alcoholic” I was at a shit day meeting instead (note to readers…Im not an alcoholic nor have I ever been to an AA meeting).

So yesterday:

  • I went into town first before getting the train to Scarborough.  First off the bus that stops at the bottom of my street no longer stops opposite the nationwide where I wanted to be but instead stops where the X’s stop (as it is now an X which at least means its faster!).  So I had to reroute my journey through town to go back to the nationwide to deposit a check.
  • Next, H&M has really shit clothes in at the moment.  I even ventured into Primark for the first time in like 5 months, it was equally as shit.
  • Next Thompsons was closed for repairs or something when I went to pay off my holiday (I had to do it today instead).
  • Then I went to PX piercings as I really want my frowny pierced.  For those that dont know and cant be bothered to google, its the bit of skin that joins your gum to your lip at the bottom of your mouth.  A smiley is the top one.  Apparently my frowny is too small and my smiley looks like its been split so I couldnt get it pierced :[
  • Then on the train, it was packed and the seat I picked was next to a wall instead of a window (luckily I did turn around at the right moment and see the white horse on the hill :D).
  • Then I just missed the train to Scarborough.  I was just going up the stairs to cross the bridge to the other platform and the train pulled away.  So then I had to amuse myself for an hour in the toilet, treating WHSmith like a library and then watching an extremely fat woman try to pull herself out the seats in the waiting room (I swear she was actually stuck at one point).
  • It also kinda rained all day a bit…like miserly rain not proper rain.
  • Back at uni was alright, I talked to Ashlie for about an hour and it was fun and I laughed and realised in my own way I do miss her sometimes.  She gave me a sausage and some bread for my tea coz I had no food yet.
  • Then no one wanted to go out  and I miss Monday Klub :[  If I’d known no-one was going out I probably could have stayed at home till today and found something to see at the cinema tomorow.
  • I also realised I left my memory stick with my dissertation on at home, hopefully it should turn up tomorow by recorded delivery so if the postman a) doesnt ring the bell b) rings the bell but only waits for a second for me to appear at the door (I live on the third floor and dont have an intercom) then I think I may personally kill him when I find out who he is.
  • I also left my makeup wipes at home so I had to spend money buying more today pah!
  • I went to Tesco as I wasnt going out and waved at some people in a car who I thought where my friends. I didnt know them and they hadnt even been waving at me.  I hope to go they a) didnt notice b) couldnt see as it was dark c) thought I was just kinda moving my hair around.
  • When I was getting near Tesco some dodgy foreign looking guy eating salad while his mate sat looking drunk (10 pm!) on the floor told me that Tesco was shut.  I very nearly believed him.  I’m glad I carried on walking anyway though I did turn and say “really?”

I think the best thing that happened to me yesterday was that I didnt get my train ticket checked and as its an open one and doesnt run out till 15th May I can reuse it when I get back from seeing Kill Hannah and only have to buy a cheap ticket home (I should do that soon so its cheaper!).

Hmmm I think thats it, todays been vaguelly shit too and its now raining.  On the plus we found out our graduation ball is a masked theme and I was like oh sweet can I wear my rabbit mask and the guy laughed an was like well yea its a mask.  So I have my mask already!  I think I’m going to get a rockabilly dress, I dont do ball gowns and they wont go with my mask.


2 Responses to "“Hello My Name Is Lizzy And Im Having A Shit Day”"

Oi, you! When you going on eBay??

Also, you should know by now that Tesco is 24 hour, unless its Saturday, then it shuts at 10pm and on Sunday it shuts at 4pm.

been and done should get posted to you in around 5 days but dunno when it’ll turn up after that.

Yea I know tesco is 24 hour but im gulible so… yea… urm…

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