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Kill Hannah Newcastle

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Last night I went to a gig on my own for the second time in my life.  It was about a year ago when I went to my first lonesome gig (King Blues in York).  This one was back at home in Newcastle; I went to see Kill Hannah (shush don’t laugh!)

So yea…on my own.  Well it was slightly easier than in York coz I know my way round the O2 accademy.  Though when my mam dropped me off the support still hadnt even come on (even though I waited till later).  So I had to put up with extorion drink prices because I didnt really fancy being on my own and with nothing to do.  So I got me a vodka and stood next to the bar (in the way but I dont care).  I was standing next to some people also drinking so I knew I wasnt the oldest person there.

But seriously, the average age was about 14 I think…I did expect that though to be honest even though KH have been around for like 10 year. 

I really hope when I was that young I wasnt that annoying at gigs, ok so I was 16 when I discovered my gig buddy Sara (we call each other gig buddies coz we used to go to most of them together though we do occasionally go with other people).  But seriously they all scream so loud at absoultely nothing (there was noone on stage!)…and they all have their gay emo hair etc.  When I was that age I didnt wear that much makeup!  I dont think I wore any when I was 14…ok a bit of eyeliner and mascara and occasinaly some eyeshadow….but not as much as these kids did.  Half of them didnt even look old enough for a bra never mind makeup. (and that was just the guys =p  j/k).

The lass next to me was doing my head in, she was like between 14-16 I reckon; I cant actually be bothered to explain why or how much she pissed me off…she just did!

Then the support came on.  My Passion.  I think I recognised like one of their songs, and to be honest if I shut my eyes to block out the sight of the guys in the band and managed to ignore all the screaming kids they were actually alright.  There was like this weird dance off pit going on; I say dance off coz its not really the sort of music you can have a circle pit or mosh pit…but you know how sometimes when there’s only like 2 people trying to have a pit and it doesnt really work so they kinda just dance dodgy then go back to the edge…it was like that.  I had a good LOL at some kids doing some gay twist and then running back to their mates and another kid would get shoved in the middle and forced to humiliate himself.

The guys in the band though, man they made me laugh so much.  The lead singer looked pretty gay anyway and his dodgy white waist coat with big muscular arms didnt seem to help.  Then the kid on guitar/bass/whatever was making me laugh too.  He kept puffing up his cheeks, looked about 17 anyway and had an obsession with running his fingers through his hair.

But apart from that they were ok.  For some reason though the room looked really busy.  I dunno if it was coz of where I was standing and obvisouly there was a big gap in the middle for these kids to have their little dance circle.

I then had to hang around for about half an hour having a really slow drink while I waited for KH to come on.  Eventually they did.

So I got to move into the middle.  Everyone seemed to have vanished.  I thought they’d all gone for a tab but I’ve just realised now that they shouldnt be smoking at their age! (They probably do anyway).  So yea I was in the crowd and it was a really small crowd.  I was like 2 or 3 people from the front yet right behind me was the gay little dance pit.  People seemed to come back after the second song but it still didnt seem as busy…maybe most people had come for my passion =s

That might be true actually seeing as people around me only seemed to know the words to lips like morphine, I wanna be a kennedy and a few bits from their new album.  The smallness and quietness (ok minus the constant screaming) of the crowd made me feel weird to sing along seeing as I cant sing for toffee.

Oh you know how I said most people were like 14, meaning I should be able to see fine…well I could but then I moved and other people moved and suddenly the tallest lass in the room is in front of me for the rest of the night (she was probably only 14 too!)

Everyone just seemed to jump up and down a lot.  I never know what to do at gigs like that.  Give me a proper mosh pit and Im fine coz then I can just beat up people who beat up me.  But I always feel weird just jumping on the spot, plus my ankle was hurting and I find KH easier to kinda just sway my ass to LOL.  I jumped a bit to certain songs but I was constantly keeping my hands around my waist area (if anyone noticed they probably thought I was pregnant or something LOL).  I was only trying to protect my hips!  Some kid next to me had super sharp boney elbows!  I did put padded plasters on my hips and they seem fine (though my left one still aint ready to be changed grrr but its a bit too big now and I keep catching it in my sleep.  But when I went today on my way back to Scarbs he said give it a bit longer).

That reminded me that without a pit where my hands are constantly hitting other people or holding onto peoples tops to stop me falling over, then I never know what to do with my hands.  I always cringe when people do devil horns..ok it may be aceptable at like a heavy metal gig…but it seems weird at other ones.  I know for a fact when I was like 16 I used to do devil horns all the time (even at less than jake *mega cringe* (cringing at horns not the awsome LTJ gig)).  I then went through a phase where I just kinda put either my whole hand in the air or my pointing finger.  Now I tend to keep them down by my side where they get trapped so I cant even clap half the time…coz if I put them in the air then they get trapped and tired there.

Like I keep saying…just give me a nice pit, everythings easier then.

So yea Kill Hannah were pretty good, didnt seem to be on that long (though it was the usual time like about 9.30 till 10.45) and they only did 2 encores :[  Oh and Im pretty sure they didnt do Tokyo (I think thats what its called).  The one that goes tee oh kay why oh…I would have remembered chanting that and I cant remember doing it so I assume they didnt…at least they did I wanna be a kennedy….and race the dream (which was when I realised how much I liked them) :]

Linking on to that…first song I remember hearing and learning the name KH was lips like morphine but it got so over played on Kerrang! that I didnt like it much.  Then like a few months later my mate sent me race the dream which I loved and boys and girls which I didnt like much (but now I quite like it).  Then I youtubed a lot of their stuff and realised I actually like their songs.  So yea, thats how I became a Kill Hannah fan.

Ooo at the end they said they would be downstairs in 4 mintues…well I never bother queing for signatures and I had no camera with me so I wouldnt be able to get a photo.  But I wanted a t-shirt and Greg the bassist was on the merch stall selling (he was giving everyone free posters too if you brought something otherwise you had to pay £1 for them).  So he signed my poster…thinking back I should have asked him to do my ticket instead as I actually keep them…dunno how long I’ll keep this poster (well I’ll have to now its signed).  Its also annoying that I prefer the image on the side thats not signed grrr.

I wouldnt have minded getting everyone to sign it, or at least Matt but I really couldnt be bothered to hang around trying to get it done.  I might have if I’d had someone to hang round with but as it was I was tired so just phoned me mam and walked to Gateshead for a lift home.

Ok that video is my passion.  Its not from newcastle..couldnt find any at the time.  The sound and light is shit but you can see the dodgy white backless waistcoat that the singer wears.  (thats all I wanted to show you really lol).  The guy with black hair on guitar with white shirt and black waistcoat is the one who puffs his cheeks and wipes his hair a lot.  Oh you can also kinda see how gay the muscles on the singer make him look.  Yea enjoy the video…I dont even think that was the song that sounded vaguelly familiar LMAO!



Right now I have to go do an 18 hour marathon to write crap about fossils that I dont know anything about :[  sucketh! Hello proplus, goodbye lecture tomorow!

Oh and I never want to see another checky shirt for a few months now thank you very much!


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