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If I Could Go Back In Time…

Posted on: June 1, 2010

…It would be to see The Clash live.

The Clash

I was just listening to Mike Davies punk show on BBC radio 1 and he had Joe Sib one of the owners of Side One Dummy records.  Joe was telling stories about when he met Joe Strummer from the Clash and it kinda just made me reminiss about when I realised how awsome that band was.

It was a couple of years ago at Christmas (2008 I think) that I opened my present from my sister and it was a double cd of the Clash.  The Story of The Clash – Volume 1 to be exact.  I remember opening it and kinda being like “oh erm cool, thanks” because yea I’d heard the classics like London Calling and a few others – I think the first time I heard their songs and new it was them was from the Billy Elliot soundtrack.  To be honest I thought it was a bit of a random present; like yea I like loads of bands who are influenced by the Clash but I’d never really expressed any interest in that band.

the clash

The Story of The Clash - Volume 1

I think I also got the new album by The Bronx that was out that year.  That one had actually been on my Christmas list.  I remember going and listening to The Bronx while staring at this Clash cd thinking “erm…what…”

I’m pretty sure the main reason I was so flumoxed was because my mam had said to me a few days earlier something along the lines of “your sisters spent quite a bit of money on you.  She cares about you more than you think.”  So I was expecting something really expensive I guess.  Though the cd was probably somewhere between £10 and £20 with it being a double cd.  So I’d gone out to Accesorize, which as many of you might know is part of Monsoon and therefore not exactly cheap!  I got her a pretty bag that cost a bit (she likes bags); some new earings because she’d lost her favourite ones; and then a necklace to match the earings.  None of that was cheap.  So I was sitting there thinking “so yea she got me a cd by a band that I’ve only ever heard like 2 or 3 songs by …”

Eventually I took The Bronx out of my cd player and put disc 1 of The Clash on.  Disc 1 had tracks like Rock the Casbah, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Guns of Brixton, I fought the Law.  I think they were the only ones I knew.  Disc 2 the only songs I knew were London Calling and White Riot.  So I was a bit aprehensive; I had no idea what to expect from the rest of the songs.

I can’t remember exactly what I thought of the first song, but its not on my ipod so I guess I wasn’t too impressed.  I remember disc 2 quickly became one of my favourite cd’s though as I instantly fell in love with (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais and Janie Jones.  From disc 1 I loved Bankrobber; I found it quite annoying that my favourite songs were on different discs.  English Civil War and Clash City Rockers also made it to my ipod along with the songs I already knew and liked.  (I’ve just looked on itunes and 21 out of the 28 songs made it to itunes – only 11 made it to my ipod though).

So I quickly grew to love this cd that had at first seemed like a really random Christmas present.  I’m still quite surprised my sister brought it for me.  I didn’t think she took much interest in the music I like; unless my auntie suggested it to her.  But whatever her reason was for buying it for me I’m really glad she did.  I love listening to other bands and thinking “wow you can totally tell that the Clash influenced that song!”

So if you want to listen to a Clash song that’s not one of their more well known ones then I would probably recomend (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais.  It’s deffinately one of my favourites by them (it was the only one stared on itunes!).  I want a Clash t-shirt (I’ve wanted one for a while now actually).  It’s my birthday 2nd July *hint hint*


2 Responses to "If I Could Go Back In Time…"

I have a clash tshirt 😛 xxx

meh! I’ve been wanting to buy one for aaaages. Is yours form HMV or from when they had London Calling ones in H&M? I was gonna get an H&M one but never bothered. I might look on ebay for vintageness

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