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Sounds Like Summer

Posted on: June 19, 2010

Well summer was here…it’s a bit miserable outside today.  But this isn’t meant to be me talking about the weather like us Brits do so well; I’m just glad I got to the hoppins before any potential rain comes and turns it into a mud bath – I do need to go again though because my friend I went with hates waltzers and they are my favourite ride ever!  And I didn’t really want to go on one on my own; so any waltzer fans please make yourself known so I can go to the hoppins before it shuts next Saturday.

After that slight detour I shall get back to what I was planning on mummbling on about.  Music :]

It’s summer (apparently) and I have my summer song YAY!  It’s Drive by Off With Their Heads (who I get to see at Leeds Fest!!).  I just really love it; I’m not sure if its a summery feel but it does make me happy wich in my opinion is pretty important factor for a summer song.  Plus I get the feeling it’s going to remind me of summer for the rest of my life – mainly because I first heard it on a hot Tuesday morning on the Radio 1 Punk Show.

That radio show is probably the most influencial thing in my life; I’m not sure if that’s sad or not.  But let me take you back to erm…2006 I think.  I know the night that last show was on I’d gone to see John Tucker Must Die at the cinema – so it was around that time.  That year Mike Davies moved back to America and my 9pm Tuesday slot with the Lockup was stoped.  Instead the show changed its name to the punk show and was on at 2am on a Tuesday morning (I guess to fit in with the time difference in America).  Now I usually listen again on iplayer, but back then I used to set my alarm and wake up for a couple of hours to get my weekly fix of ‘decent’ music. 

So it would be the early hours of a Tuesday morning, (here’s where I get confused slightly as the album came out in the winter of 2006 but I don’t know if this was the first song from it – I’m pretty sure it was and for the sake of this blog I’m going to assume that my memory is correct and it was summer when it was played on the radio) and Mike Davies kept playing a song by The Draft called New Eyes Open.  He seemed to play it pretty much every week and it always made me so happy.  Now it always reminds me of a hot summer night somewhere between 2 and 4 am and it cheers me up. 

Sometimes though, my summer songs aren’t very summery which kinda annoys me.  Take Billy Talent for example.  I don’t know when their first album came out, I didn’t get into them till their second one.  But their second and third albums both came out in the summer.  The first time I ever saw them live was in the summer (2006!) and it was the best gig I’d ever been to so far in my life.  It was also a really hot July night.  The next two times I saw them (both 2009) were also in the summer.  The weather probably wasn’t as nice but it was still summer!  Therefore they always remind me of summer but annoyingly their songs aren’t exactly summery; so when I think” hmm I want a summer song, hey I know Billy Talent make me think of summer” then I get pretty annoyed that they don’t really have summer anthems.  I think Red Flag is probably their most summery sounding song.

It annoys me how most the songs that make me think of summer aren’t exactly summery.  Even the Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake, Zebrahead, Old Skool Good Charlotte don’t seem very summery to me anymore – not like how they used to.  I know sometimes the time of year that I see a band live tends to make me associate them with summer or winter or whatever, but apart from LTJ who I saw in March I think, then the rest were all seen in either May or August which are around the summer months.

I need someone to write a new summery ska-pop-punk song.


I don’t think its just my music that doesn’t sound summery even when I associate it with summer.  Rhianna – Umberella.  I hate that song so much, its not my style of music at all; I don’t think its excatly summery but it reminds me of summer because it was out the summer I turned 18 meaning I actually went out to clubs but the people I went with like Rhianna style music so we always used to go to bars and clubs that played that sort of music; therefore in one night I would hear that song about 5 times.

This blog didn’t really turn out how I planned – nothing ever does for me.  I just put the Draft – New Eyes Open on and it still makes me smile, it still reminds me of summer but yea, I’m not sure if it sounds very summery.  It has a kinda catchy chorusy thing if that helps.  “That’s what I like about it, its not so complicated” 

 What exactly defines a summer song?


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