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The Trials And Tribulations Of A Benefit Thief

Posted on: June 26, 2010

Or the uneventful life of a dole monger (pronunced mon-ger as in fish monger not mong-er lol).

I’m not a benefit thief by the way, even though I’ve been on the dole since June 10th apparently, I am yet to recieve any money from them *grrr*  That’s one trial and tribulation right there!  I signed on again on Thursday expecting money to come in that day or maybe Friday but its Saturday now and I’m still overdrawn.  According to an answer to someones question on yahoo answers we get payed on Tuesdays.  Well that sucks, why can’t I sign on on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays if I don’t get payed till then.  I think I’ll phone them on Monday and ask when the hell I do actually get payed.

Complaint number 2: I feel weird.  I think I’m getting into that pissed off and depressed slump that so often hit me in Scarborough.  Yesterday I was really tired and lacking in energy, so much so that I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed…I did though.  Then this afternoon and night I’ve just been wondering round with this kinda dazed, glazed and apathetic look on my face.  I think one of the reasons is the fact I have no money, that didn’t bother me as much in Scarborough (ok so I couldnt afford to feed myself) as I could walk everywhere, but here I need nearly £3 just to get into town if I want to do something like window shopping.  And I can’t just pop down the beach here either, I need money for the bus and metro or a car or a couple of spare hours to walk there.  There was another reason I think but its gone now, I guess I might have blended it in with that reason there LOL.

Number 3:  My parents are pissing me off so much right now.  The last couple of days (not today though, she was fine today) at tea time my mam has had a face looking like a slapped arse crossed with a wet blanket.  No idea what her problem was, I think she was annoyed with my dad and with work… and quite possibly annoyed with me.  My dad is annoying me today; he claimed he wasn’t hungry so didn’t eat the pork chops my mam had done but then stuffed his face with fruity malt, strawberries and cheap digestive biscuits (you might wonder why cheap is in bold, well me and my mam prefer McVities but my dad says he prefers ASDA crappy cheap ones, though he quite happily eats his way through the McVities!!).  He also permantely annoys me because he eats so noisy it makes me feel sick, like my mam eating a piece of chocolate, she sucks on it for so long and I can hear her sucking it and it makes me feel sick.  But my dad eating noisly, apart from making me feel sick it also gets me paranoid about eating anything, especially in public, coz it makes me wonder if I myself eat really noisly.  Please tell me if I eat noisy, I can’t tell, especially when I have a cold because the hula hoops really crack loudly in my head!

The Fourth Annoyance:  The stupid weather!  Yea I know all Brits do is talk and complain about the weather but its really pissing me off.  Its warm, occasionally hot.  But there seems to be a constant layer of cloud in front of the sun the last couple of days.  And me street is really windy.  So no sun and lots of wind = not to nice to sit in shorts and tshirt and I end up sitting inside instead.  It’s not helping my tan!

Five:  Eclipse and the Twilight stuff.  I was refreshing my memory on what goes on in Eclipse before I go and see it on Friday and I discovered that Kristen Stewart has totally ruined Bella for me.  I now can’t imagine Bella laughing even when she laughs in the books.  I just see her as a mopey git who goes “uhrm” a lot and looks constantly ill and startled.  I hate it in Eclipse when Edward suddenly starts refering to Bella as love and babe and stuff like that, it seems so cheesy and false and patronising (it will seem even more so in R.Patz voice).  I guess my main hatred of that is because I hate it when people do it in real life too.  I also discovered that since watching the films I actually prefer Jacob in the book over Edward – well in Eclipse anyway as thats the only one Ive read recently.  I used to like Edward bookwise and Jacob filmwise but now I seem to prefer Jacob in both of them.


I think that might be it for my current complaints, can’t think of any else.  I don’t want to end on a downer though so I’ll tell you some more ‘fun’ stuff. 

  • I’m quickly getting through my massive pile of books that I had to read.  I think I’ve read 5 of them since coming home from uni…ok so Son of a Witch I’d started before I left and that Bree Tanner book only took about 2 hours maybe less so its hardly a book 😛
  • Ive been baking so much that my dad thought I was getting a job in a pattesiery (spelling I know! I mean cake shop!)  But sadly my stuff was coming out cooked but a bit pale.  I decided to move the shelf up a lot in the oven though Im sure its always been at that height, so at least my lemon drizzle bars came out brown – unfortunately I didn’t get 50ml of lemon juice from one lemon and didnt want to use another so I decided to use some of the lemon essence we had…well that went out of date in 2002 apparently so left a bitter after taste.  It was just used in the icing on top so it didnt ruin the whole cake – just the icing.
  • I put my dvds in alphabetical order.
  • I watched Bruce Springsteen live in Barcelona from 2002 with my mam.  He was really good!  I wish I’d been there.
  • I apparently walked 6.8 miles with Hayley the other day.
  • I went to see Wild Target because it had Rupert Grint and Bill Nighy in.  I thought it was very funny; they are two of my favourite actors.
  • I read in the paper that Stuart Townsend is single again after 9 years with some woman whos name I dont remember.  I still need to check if that’s true and then tell Ashlie LOL.
  • I emailed some guy at Washington Wildfowl Centre about volunteering to record flamingo behaviour…it sounded fun, a way for me to get outside, I can get the bus from Wrekenton straight there without changing at the Galleries….he hasn’t emailed back yet though :[

Oh I remembered another complaint.  MIBBA dammit!  Stupid story site, the people checking my story still havent rechecked it to reopen it so I can add the other chapters.  Mibba has so many new rules now it really bugs me about some of them coz even though most are good and usefull there are still a few that seem so picky and pointless and just stop me in my flow!  But I dont know any other vaguelly decent story sites, not that anyone except Kate reads my stories on Mibba because I don’t write crap fanfic or bromance about the latest scene band.  Mibba sucks that way that the good stories get forgotten about and half of them don’t get read by anyone I guess :[

  • And another thing, I realised that one reason I think I get so down now and then is coz Im stuck in one place.  Being away for uni was good because when the depression got too bad I would just go home, or if I had no time to do that I’d hop on the train to York for the day…just to get out of Scarborough.  Well now that Im living at home again I no longer have a second home to go to when I get depressed and bored of the same scenery.  So I figured I should be a gypsy (I always wanted to be one anyway, especially a water gypsy!!)  and travel the UK in a camper van.  In the winter I can live at home because it’ll be too cold in the van, but in the summer I can travel and go to dodgy summer solstice festivals =D  … shame about the petrol prices putting a downer on that plan LOL.


Thats it, I’ll go now before I kill you with boredom.  At least it would make my life more exciting 😛


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