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Enjoy Yourself

Posted on: June 29, 2010

I’m actually in quite a good mood today so I thought I’d make some pleasant reading for you for once. *grin*

  1. I managed to find a present for Hayley for her 21st.  Hopefully she’ll like it and use it =p
  2. IT’S SUNNY!!  – that makes me happy because the sun is actually there again and not hiding behind a cloud, it rained all last night and that seemed to get rid of the clouds.  I hope the sun stays a bit longer again, I need to help my tanorexia problem.
  3. The summer fruits in the garden are ripening.  I hate picking all the black and red currents, they just get used for jam anyway.  I used to like the raspberries but then I made the mistake of looking inside one once and found maggots, it put me off them and now I hate picking them and I have to douse any picked in salt to kill all beasties!  But the best one is the strawberries!  They’re just starting to ripen and I’ve been watering them loads to get nice fat waterfilled juicy ones :]  yummy, I don’t even wash them half the time I just eat them straight from the plant.
  4. Waterstones is rearanging.  That might not sound too great and I admit it confused me greatly yesterday when I went all the way upstairs and needed to actuall be all the way downstairs.  But it makes me happy coz now all the books I read are on the same floor – The teenage section, the sci-fi and fantasy section, the vampirey books (I think its termed dark fanatasy – I don’t actually buy them I just browse and note down titles I want from the library instead), the graphic novels (sometimes I just like to sit in the shop and read them) and the manga section.  All on the one floor now, yay!
  5. I got my hair trimmed today, got rid of most the split ends.  I guess I’ll get it redone just before graduation.
  6. I saw my friend Minty while in town, I don’t think I’ve seen her since college (except on facebook).  She has lilac hair now, was very nice :]


Of course their is always some disapointing doom and gloom in my life:

  1. I was in Travelling Man the other week and saw that Otomen v.6 was out but I didn’t buy it coz I couldn’t afford it and I thought I’d wait a bit.  So today I went to get it but it wasn’t there…they didn’t actually have any Otomen’s :/  I couldn’t be bothered to ask if it was in the back somewhere coz to be honest I still couldn’t afford it.  I did notice they finally have Vampire Knight v.10 but I’ve read that online now coz I got so sick of waiting for it to hit the UK shops.
  2. I still haven’t recieve my dole money.  I’ll check again tomorow morning but if it’s not there then I’m deffinately phoning up.  Though I’m not sure who I phone :s
  3. Tomorow I get my results from uni…lets see what I’m graduating with – nothing probably =p


Hmm I think that’s it.  Oh and I decided that the anthem of my 21st birthday is going to be Enjoy Yourself by The Specials.  It would be nice if it got played for me, but even if it doesn’t I’ll just sing it to myself anyway seeing as it’s on my ipod.

Hello, I’m Lizzy and I’m going to enjoy myself first :]


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