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Posted on: July 20, 2010

I’m a bit annoyed at the moment because I wanted to put my thing up about London first but thats typed up on my laptop which currently has 1 minute battery life left until my new wire turns up in 10 years time.  So I’ll have to back track later.  Instead you can read about my shit day instead.

Well it wasnt that shit, just mega boring.  For starters the electric was on -£12 so I had to pay loads to get enough for me to use over the weekend (though I put too much on coz I didnt stay as long as I’d planned).  Then I had to get Chris who’d came to meet me at the station to help me drag the rubbish that Ash had left in the kitchen outside.  She just had a good laugh about how I’d been there for like 5 minutes and was already moaning about everything.

I had to clean the kitchen and the bathroom so my sister wouldnt have a hissy fit when she turned up.

I got up waaay to early the next day, so even though I didnt go down to the spa till 11 I was bored within 5 minutes of being there.  Plus I was starving as it felt like years ago when I’d had breakfast.  I got robed up then queued for my photo.  I bet that turns out crap, I had an annoying twitch in my cheek from smiling fakely for so long.

I couldn’t find any friends to get photos with…oh wait.  I found Ashlie (well she found me).  My parents were still not there so I was just with my sister getting mega bored.  We took some photos outside the beach huts coz it was more sheltered and quiet there.

My mam phoned and said they were at my flat with my stuff that I’d asked her to bring down so I had to trapse back up through the gardens to mine, then up the zillions of dusty stairs…then we just went down to the Futurist where the ceremony was coz the room in the spa was being redone.  I was annoyed they’d got there so late as I wanted fish and chips before coz I was starving.  My dad give me some chocolate which didnt really help much.

…so then I was in a bad mood what with being so hungry and having to be the centre of attention for photos which I hate.

I felt like a right leper inside coz there was noone in front or behind me for ages and the nearest person was Antz like 6 seats away.  But then everyone else started coming in (they were all wet ha!).  At least I was sitting next to Jax and Lee so I had some entertainment coz Lee’s like my grandad and just constantly talks crap.

This random American guy give a dodgy speach, dont know what about coz I switched off…it was hot in the room, a bit damp off everyones wet clothes and I felt sick and dizzy and nervous.  Not good.

Then this massive group of people proccessed to the stage, with some random brass looking stick.  Oh and this little boy dressed up like a page was carrying the train on the chancelors gown thing. 

I think they did like all the drama, music and some buisness students.  Went on for ever.  Then this guy who looked like Snape talked about who was getting the honoury degree.  It was some Yorkshire man who did the film Purely Belta (along with other stuff obviously).  He talked a bit too…I think they said funny stuff but to be honest I couldnt be bothered to listen.

Eventually it was my departments turn, ours was so small that I didnt get to clap for half of us coz I was either walking the long walk to the stage or walking back.  They sorted my hood out before I went on stage but looking at the photo that was taking it appears to have fallen again.  I swear the woman who told the man what name to call told me to bow…she didnt tell anyone else so I must have looked like I wouldnt bow.  We didnt even shake hands with the Chancelor.  She picked people now and then to talk to for a bit (she picked Ashlie obviously)…Im so glad I didnt have to talk to her though. 

I got handed my certificate in an envelope (wasnt even rolled with a ribbon!) when I got off the stage.

Eventually it was done, I think someone else did a speach.  Then we were invited to sing the first verse of the national anthem (we had lyrics provided).  I don’t hold with all that stuff so I just stood there, I didnt even bother mouthing the words.  If I could have got away with it I would have stayed sitting down.  I dont know why we had to sing that seeing as Im sure the majority of people in the room where of Asian origin.  The people on stage processed off and eventually I left the room.

I didnt even go stand on the beach for photos, couldnt be bothered.  I was too hungry and fed up of my gown.  I think I saw Ash and Amy doing beach photos but I just went off for my strawberries minus cream (they didnt even have icecream!)…and shitty champagne that was really just sparkly wine.  It was £8 per person spent unwisely on my mams acount.

Amy tracked me down inside the Spa and said Ash would murder me if we didnt go for hat throwing photos; so Ash, Amy, Jax, Pippa, Chris and Me stood on a roof and through hats around.

I was thinking at one point, oh I probably wont see most people again, but at least I’ll be able to see some easier than others.  Unlike Azreen who’s going home to Malaysia.

After a zillion photos with my family (I regret the day my mam and auntie got digital cameras, now they look and say oh no lets get another one; instead of just assuming it’ll be ok) I finally got to take off the gown and stuff.  Then we went on my last ever trip to the Fish Pan (seriously one of the best chippys in Scarborough).  I thought it would be busy but the only other person I saw in there was Emily.

After that we went back to mine where my dad took delight in the Henry hoover that had been delivered as our nice hoover stoped working (I hate Henry’s!).  So he hoovered the landing which was nice.  Then me and my sister got ready for the graduation ball which was so not worth the £25 (least my mam give me the money back for that).

The ball was ok I guess, even Pippa who never goes out was there.  People didn’t wear their masks much…so I took delight in wearing my rabbit mask.  Then I dragged my sister off about 12.30 to go into town coz Jax, Manda and Antz weren’t at the ball.  So we ended up in Vivaz (so though I didnt stay for last Monday Klub at least I got my last Midnight Klub) eventually, and people from the ball turned up like Terry (I’m surprised he was at the ball actually) and Andy, Abby, Emma, Ben and Lee.  Lee had been ignoring us at the ball (according to Ash anyway) but I’m impressed that he stayed out till vivaz shut at 4 (he normaly gets bored and goes home early).

Twas a good night, got to say bye to most people…some people I didnt see out, some people I did see out but didnt talk to for some reason – and some people weren’t at graduation (or I guess Scarborough) at all even though they had deffinately graduated.  But yea, I got up early on Saturday after like 4 hours sleep and cleaned the flat with my sisters help; then handed my keys in and visited Manda’s new place (verrrry nice!) then got the train home for probably the last time in a long while.


I don’t even feel that sad though.  I get the feeling I’ll never talk to some people again but hey ho.  I do have a list of things I’ll miss that I shall blog at some point (probably when I get my laptop back, I hate the keyboard on the home pc).


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