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…Just Another List.

Posted on: July 27, 2010

You know I like to make lists =p  Well this one is stuff I’ll miss about uni; with possibly some stuff I wont miss too lol.

  • At Scarborough everything was in a nice walking distance.  It was about 10 mins up to uni (well on my own, half an hour if I was with people).  About 10 mins down to town.  I could walk to the beach, to Peasholme Park and the most important thing…. I could walk home after a night out so I didn’t have to waste money on a taxi (apart from the rare occasions Ashlie came out and forced me to share a taxi with her claiming that she would pay then getting money off me somehow anyway). 
  • I miss walking home after nights out, it sobered me up.  And in first year we used to walk along the cliffs and coz we’d been in Boudoir till they kicked us out around 6 then we got to see the sunrise all pretty like along the sea :]
  • I miss being free to come and go as I like without my mam asking where I was going and who I was going with (OK so sometimes Ash acted like me mam and would question me loads to find out what I was doing – she was so bloody nosey).
  • I miss being able to eat (or not) when I wanted and what I wanted.  Sometimes I would just eat cheesecake and ice cream all day and nothing else.  Sometimes I just didn’t eat at all.  Other times I ate everything in my cupboard and was still hungry.
  • I miss Vivaz as crummy as it is.  Monday Klub, Midnight Club and Rock Night even though it was shit coz it only ever had like 10 people there.
  • I’m going to miss people that I’m likely to never see again, even more so as I didn’t say bye to them.
  • I miss the closeness of the beach even though I hardly went down this year or last year coz the weather was so shit and all my friends were being shit and then I had loads of work to do when the weather was nice.  But first year beach times were good.
  • I miss the cheapness of a night out; half the time I didn’t even spend a tenner and I was gone.
  • I said I missed Vivaz but lets back track to Monday Klub that I miss the most…2nd year.  Me, Lee and Antz would go to the Cask, sometimes Spoons then to Klosters and have lots of fun.  In klosters we’d meet up with Jax, Darren and the McDonalds crew and eventually end up in Vivaz.  They were good nights; often shit if Ashlie came out coz Lee would get annoyed then.
  • I miss junk food, pj and dvd days.  Me and Ash would just sit in my bed and watch stuff while eating junk.  I think for 2 days straight we watched Blood Ties and fought over who ‘owned’ Kyle Schmidt.
  • I miss all nighters to finish work I should have done 5 months beforehand.
  • Gay I know, but I even miss the ocasional paraletic-ness.  I try not to do that here as I have to go home to my mam and dad where they have no sympathy (well my dad does a bit) and don’t let me stay in bed…Then they tend to tell the whole family that I threw up and I’m hungover.  Ashlie would just laugh at me and eventually leave me alone.
  • I miss first year Thursday nights when we all used to go to the 3 B’s (Baracuda, Boleyns and then Boudoir for either crumpets or cheese on toast *nom nom*).
  • I miss the need to go shopping in York just to see a decent shops.  It used to make me happy to be on the train and getting out of shitsville for the day.
  • I miss the amusing trainee assistant dude in York Body Piercing Clinic.  He was fucking hillarious.
  • I miss how friendly people are in the toilets on a night out in Scarborough (not in a creepy way lol).  People here don’t talk to you at all but people there were nice.  I remember me and Jax being in the loo in vivaz one monday night for about half an hour talking to this random (underage) lass.  She sent me a nice text the next day wishing me good luck in my test I had that day.
  • I miss random walks with my adopted sister.  Like when we went for a walk round Peasholme Park in the dark and saw the bats, or the time we went to Falsgrave Park to see the view from the top of the hill…or when we would just sit outside somewhere after the cinema and eat pizza in the dark.
  • I miss the shitty little cinemas they had where they’d get the film like a month late half the time XD
  • I miss the surprisingly scary horror movie house on the sea front.
  • I miss the dance zone ride and the dodgems down at the beach.
  • I miss my fucking double bed!!!!!
  • I miss my friends.
  • I miss food of any kind from the Fish Pan (best chippy in Scarbs!).

Most of all I just miss the freedom to do what I want without playing 20 questions with my mam (my dad seems to assume that every time I go out I’ve gone to sign on lol).

Things I wont miss include:

  • Freezing cold rooms in the winter (mine was the smallest though so the warmest muahaha).
  • Running out of electric during the night so having to have a cold shower with torches and candles because I was refusing to top up.
  • Being the only person to clean up or take the bins out.
  • Incredibly slow download speeds.
  • Everything being on a hill.
  • The awful depressed slump I was stuck in for most of May…thank god that seems to have gone  (I still blame Ashlie as the cause of that for some reason – I think I was just sick of the sight of her).
  • The lack of enough hot water to ever even attempt a bath.
  • Ashlie ‘borrowing’ my dvds.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  Depressing that over 3 years that’s all I’m going to miss the most.


2 Responses to "…Just Another List."

I miss number 3 too!!!!!!!

rotfl to your dad thinking you’re signing on, friendly people in toilets texting :]

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