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Florida – Disney Styleee

Posted on: September 3, 2010

I haven’t blogged in ages and can’t really be bothered to think of a more inventive title.  So this one pretty much sums up what this blog is about.  Yerrr, my holiday in Florida.  I think it will pretty much be a day by day acount of where I went.

So we started off (Hayley and moi that is) on a train travelling to Manchester airport.  We hung around keeping ourselves entertained with nail painting, eye-spying (I SUCK!) and random made up card games.  Somehow, despite being the first there, we ended up in the middle of the check in queue and not at the front!

The plane ride was pretty basic; at least we had seperate TVs unlike when I went to Peru.  I was too tired to attempt to watch anything I hadnt seen before … I always ended up going back to the Clash cd they had on the music section.  I think I made it through most of dodgeball, though I must have fell asleep as I woke up at one point and had missed the bit where Steve the Pirate decides not to be a pirate anymore.

Had a few hours to kill in Newark airport where we saw the Manhattan skyline from the distance.  Got on our smaller plane to Florida.  It was supposed to be overfilled though there was a spare seat next to me so Hayley moved once I woke up.  The plane was pretty much full of people who had been on in Manchester too. – There was no TV on this plane; I think the food might have been pretty crap too.

Eventually after some tedious taxi waiting we finally made it to our hotel/motel thing and eventually checked in.  I don’t even think we went for food that night, we discovered Disney chanel then crashed out asleep….and erm slept through our alarm the next morning. (oh wait, I think it had been set wrong so it didnt go off at all).  However, we still made it to the bus on time to start our Floridian adventure!

  • MAGIC KINGDOM!! Of course we were going to go there first.  The ferry and everything was pretty much how I remembered it from when I last went as a weee 6 year old bairn.  It rained a bit throughout the day.  I was reminded of how child orientated the place is.  We drank so much water it was unreal.  It’s a small world was under construction so closed :[  but at least splash mountain, thunder rail road and space mountain still exist!  Oh and the really scary Alien ride has been changed into the same set up but a slightly less scary Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.  No; we did not go autograph hunting.
  • On the second day we went to Hollywood Studios which I always knew and shall continue to refer to as MGM.  Despite it being probably THE wettest day of the holiday, it was a fricken awesome day!  I finally went on the Tower of Terror…I was actually really scared before the drop as I’d never gone on as a child and had no idea what to expect.  However, I loved it – we went on there like 4 times I think.  We attempted to watch the Indiana Jones stunt show but it got closed because of the lightening.  We saw the Muppets 3D show…I don’t get why 3D films at the cinema aren’t as 3D-ish as that is.  We attempted to make a record for going on the rockin roller coaster the most times in one day.  We managed 8 and apparently the record is like 128 (I think they must have been allowed to just sit and go around for ever).  We did get VIP treatment that helped us make 8 goes.  Some dude working on the fastpass thing was like “nice hats”  then when we were queing for single riders for RRC he was like “I recognise those hats” then he saw us again and was talking to us then met us at the end and took us some backway so we beat the queue and got straight on, then his mate let us do it again.  Then he gave us 4 fast pass tickets that could be used at any time.  Then these 2 kids who we met while running onto the RRC in the rain gave us some spare fast pass tickets coz they’d just been handed 7 by some woman who didnt seem to want them anymore.  So yea!  It was an awesome day.  We just kept queing for the front row and making amusing faces for the photo.

So I was going to do a day by day account but I feel like this is getting too long already.  So this shall just be a Disney park blog instead.

  • One day we went to Typhoon Lagoon water park.  We spent most the time being told to stay away from the beaches and water while there was a threat of a lightening storm in the air.  It chucked it down.  We did manage to spend a lot of time on the lazy river though 🙂 and we went on a couple of slides, like the tamer ones with the smallest chance of leaving you naked in a shallow pool =p  We managed to burn our stomachs preeety bad though.
  • EPCOT was err….just EPCOT.  It was pretty much the same as when I was a kid.  There doesnt seem to be much to do there.  The fast track car thing was good though.  We went and had dinner in an English pub.  They had proper chips!  Their fish could do with a bit less batter though.  EPCOT is the land of slow moving whimsical rides.  It’s great for when your feet hurt and you just want to sit on a 40 minute ride *coughEllensDreamcough*
  • Animal Kingdom was cool.  It hadnt existed when I was younger.  We went twice.  The Everest ride was really good!  And the safari thing was pretty cool, got to pass lots of awesome animals like lions and cheaters.  The tough to be a bug show – OMG, so glad it didnt exist when I was younger otherwise I would have been joining in with the hoards of screaming kids.  Luckily I could just laugh most of it off, its clever how they do it.  We had a bit of a laugh on some Dinosaur ride which was just a wild mouse really; but the people we were sitting with were making me laugh.  I can’t actually remember most of Animal Kingdom…we looked at animals coz thats what you do =p (can you tell I’m bored of writing this?)
  • We went back to MGM too, saw the Indiana Jones show for real this time…noone proposed.  Saw the little mermaid one and the beauty and beast one that I’d seen when I was a kid.  Went back on RRC and Tower of Terror which was different this time as the light didnt come on before we droped so we didnt see the concrete wall…we just fell.  Was better :]  Oh and we went on the Star Wars thing again even though I think it was meant to be shut as it was no longer marked on our map…There was no queue for it anyway.  The fun PIXAR thing was shut though :[
  • Went back to Magic Kingdom on our last day too.  Went on rides while everyone was watching parades so we could just get straight on them.  Spent a long time searching for Phineas and Ferb tshirts.  Found some eventually.  Had to go on Space Mountain twice as we couldnt rememeber going on it…I always forget that for some reason, but I think the last time we went on it it must have been a bit lighter as I could see the tracks so I do actually rememember it!
  • Oh we went to Downtown Disney one night with Cate and Chris who were in our hotel and there for Star Wars convention.  The massive Disney Store kinda seemed big but not at the same time :/  Got most peoples presents there though :]  And I got myself a chip butty from some Irish chippy (OK so I had to ask for some chips and a bread bun because they obviously had no idea what I was on about).

So yea I think thats my Disney blog.  Im bored of writing now :]  But I shall write about Universal, Busch Gardens and New York at some point.  I’ll probably blog seperatly about Harry Potter….Oh and I need to blog Leeds Fest.  So stick with me and I’ll get round to it when my heads in the right place.


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