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Next Stop – Universal

Posted on: September 7, 2010

Well depending how much I say about Universal Studios, I might also fit in Seaworld and Busch Gardens (fingers crossed).

So we went to Universal as well as Disney.  I’d never been here before so it was all new for me.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.

They actually have that world that spins around with UNIVERSAL on it…so everyone attempts to get photos :]

They had some ok rides in normal universal, ermm…this one where you could pick the music to listen to while you went around.  That broke down just before we went on it the second time (still not sure what had gone on but I think somone was stuck in the seat or something, though they didnt look tooo fat when they passed).  There was a Shrek 4D thing which I’d actually seen before on DVD at Louise’s (minus the water being sprayed in your face etc).

I really liked the Simpsons ride – though it had replaced a back to the future one – and yea you just sit in a box and shake around but it was still cool coz I love the Simpsons :] 

The M.I.B. one where you shoot the aliens was good, I actually listened to the instructions the second time we went on and got a much better score coz I found out you keep shooting at the alien till your gun goes green then you know you’ve hit it – the first time round I think I just shot like once or twice then moved to another alien.

E.T. was quite whimsical but nice.

I nearly forgot about our favourite ride there.  I wasnt expecting much but it was so cool, we just kept going on all the time.  It was The Mummy!  I don’t know why it was so good, but it just was.  Maybe it was the fire =/  We went on quite a lot of times but I still never saw the bit with Brendan Fraiser at the begining…just the bit at the end where he says he still hasn’t had his interview.

On a different day we went to Islands of Adventure.  That’s where Harry Potter lives (but thats all for a different blog).  It’s also home to Dr. Seuss (where if you sit there too long the music becomes etched into your brain and makes you kinda numb) – The Cat in the Hat ride was pretty fun there….the rest were kinda kiddyfied so we didnt go on them. 

There’s Jurrasic Park where we went on a water ride and sat with a fat woman so that bar didnt go down far enough *typical*

Toon Town had a nice water ride that we went on just as it started to rain.  It also had loads of comic strip bubbles with sayings on so we went round talking photos under various ones.  Popeye rapids was one of the best rides there; yet another water one.  We went on when we were already wet and managed to get absoultely drenched!  It was so fun though, I think the random Spanish family we were with made it more fun.  We all just sat and laughed at each other getting soaked.  If you want a really good rapid ride then Popeye is deffinately the right one!

Of course there was the Superhero part – I just named it Marvel Land seeing as it was all Marvel stuff (which is goood coz I prefer Marvel to DC, though Marvel is now Disney not Universal).  The Hulk was my favourite rollercoaster there, I think I could happily sit on that for ever.  The Spiderman ride was pretty cool, 3D as most things seem to be there.  Erm I think the other one was Dr Doom (cant remember now), was a bit of a let down though.  It was one of those towers that drops you down a few times, but not comparing it to the Tower of Terror….the similar rides at Flamingo Land and Thorpe Park in the UK are so much better!  You do get a nice view though.

I saw Wolverine 😀

Universal got a lot of money out of me, you have to pay for the fast passes (totally worth it, especially if you get the multiuse ones).  Plus there was all the t-shirts I brought, Harry Potter, Marvel, Dr Seuss.  Plus I got lots of other crap there :]


OK so I have space.  We’ll do Seaworld next.

That was ok, we got to stroke some rays (I love rays :]), feed dolphins (yay!) and we saw the Shamu show which was ok, but the trainers dont swim with them anymore so I guess it’s a different show to what they used to do.  They had a few cool rides there, the  water one was great seeing as it was a hot day.

Erm….that’s it in my Seaworld memory lol.  We went to Aquatica waterpark on a different day.  Its part of Seaworld though.  It was soo cool!  The slides are such pretty bright colours.  One of the slides you go down and you go through a pool with the commerson dolphins.  As I had predicted – the dolphins were on the other side so I couldnt see them when I went through.  Plus you go kinda fast.  But you can go and look through a window at them so I still got to see them.  (They look like mini Orca’s but the colours are swapped).

The best thing there though was this thing we discovered while looking for the lazy river (which we found but never went on).  I can’t remember what it was called but its like the total oposite of the lazy river.  It goes so fast!  You just skid around for ever.  You can wear a life vest which lets you float a bit better with less chance of erm … drowning lol.


Busch Gardens now:  Its like just over an hour away from Orlando so we had to get a special bus from Seaworld.  I quite enjoyed Busch Gardens though I think I got burnt because you have to pay for lockers and you have to put your bags in lockers if you’re going on the roller coasters.  So my hat was locked up pretty much all day as we decided to do all the rides while our bags where locked away.

The whole place reminded me of Flamingo Land slightly.  I could imagine an advert saying “Wild Animals, Wilder Rides!”

I think I went on my first ever wooden rollercoaster.  I now understand why they are often on top ten programmes.  It was really good, though it gives you a massive headache coz your whole body kinda judders with the whole ride LOL.

The other rollercoasters were cool, there was a one with a straight drop, like Oblivion at Alton Towers.  There was a pretty good one that I forget its name but it was really noisy.  You couldnt hear anything anyone said if you walked around near it. 

The water rides were ok too.

I think the best bit though was the animal safari thing we did.  You have to pay for it obviously but it was worth it.  You get to hand feed giraffes :]

We also stroked some wallabies :]

We ended up walking back (from Seaworld, not Busch Gardens) as the queue for the i-trolley was big and we didnt want to get a taxi again.  It took like an hour and a half I think.  It would have been quicker but we took some wrong turns getting onto international drive and ended up walking around some abandoned looking office block and car park for a while till we retraced our steps and went a different way.  We made it home eventually though!  It was a good day.

Sorry this blog got kinda lame at the end there.  I gived up :[


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