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Harry Potter Land

Posted on: October 3, 2010

So I’m pretty sure I said I would blog about this at some point.  I really cant be bothered but I figured I’d do a brief low down on it all along with some pictures just because it was so awesome!

Harry Potter World Enterance


So this is one of the enterances from Universal Islands of Adventure.  It’s the one that you walk through in the morning as they make you walk round the entire park to get to Harry Potter which is at the back. 

The grey skies keep in with the nice depressingly dark theme of Harry Potter don’t you think?



So this is Hogwarts Castle where the main ride is.  We queued for about 90 minutes for it as you can’t get a fast pass (though you can single ride it).  It’s worth the wait!

You get to walk through the greenhouse and then once inside the walls have loads of pictures that actually look like paintings even though they’re moving.  I think I was expecting them to look like tv screens for them to be moving, so I was very impressed.  You also go through Dumbledore’s office.  Then I’m sure some ‘snow’ or something like that fell on us after Harry, Ron and Hermione spoke to us.

The ride itself was pretty cool, though I was hoping you would sit on a more broomstick shaped seat.  Beware if you’re scared of spides as Aragog and that lot are in it briefly.

We went back a different day and queued for around 90 minutes again, this time to get into Olivanders.  You go in in a group of about 30 or something and one person gets picked to play with the wands.  I think I have bragging rights here. I GOT PICKED!!  I may not have put as much enthusiasm into it as some people would of, but that’s because I was in a state of shock at being picked, embarrassed at being picked and friggen ecstatic that I got picked.  But I’m not a fan of speaking in front of large groups, especailly strangers.  I bought the wand that ‘picked’ me of course.  Hawthorn with Unicorn hair.

Hogsmede, Harry Potter World
Another Gate


This is another gate to Harry Potter World; it gets used more as an exit I think, until later in the day when you can enter Harry Potter from both enterances.  It’s a pretty cool sign.
“Please Respect The Spell Limits”
That’s all I’m going to say about it really, I don’t want to ruin it all for you for when you go =p

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