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The Supernatural Problem Page

Posted on: October 3, 2010

Welcome To The Supernatural Problem Page

LOL, so this came about because of something my mate Linda text me.  It made me laugh and I was like “It sounds like it should be on a problem page…a Supernatural one.”  She claimed we need one to air our grievances with us being too emotionally invested.

I figured if anyone came across this post while searching the web for random fangirl Supernatural pages they could join in for the laugh by posting their problems as a comment. 

To start this off I’ll put mine and Linda’s problems on here…though I guess if this is a problem page it should have an agony aunt person to reply =p

WARNING!! : may contain season 6 spoilers for those who have not started watching it yet.


Dear spn problem page: Argh, everytime Sam’s cousins and grandpa are on screen I cringe.  Is that normal?  – Linda.

Dear spn problem page: Am I weird for getting overly excite when Dean took the tarp off the Impala at the end of ep 2?  I just missed that car so darn much! – Lizzy


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