Lizzybeth’s Look On Life

So You Wana Be Me?

MoiSo, about me.  Well I’m 20 and not looking forward to turning 21, I feel I shall be too old to do certain stuff when I hit that age (like hang around in pits that are full of teeny boppers).  I’m at a tiny university in Scarborough that is supposed to be linked to Hull though we dont assosiate with them much haha.  I do marine biology incase you’re wondering.  Its fun most the time, but final year sucks; waaay too much work.

When Im not at uni what do I do?  Good question…I spend my time trying to avoid people so I can listen to music/read/watch a film in peace.  Music-wise I guess I mainly like punk, rock and ska…often all combined in one :]  Though I do appear to have quite a bit of indie in my itunes (yes I succumbed to apple world about a year after having an ipod, I got sick of transferring everything from wmp to itunes).  Books and films…well I read and watch pretty much anything, I have a wide range of favourites.  I like to double space after full stops, it looks neater and makes it easier to read in my opinion.  I also like to buy expensive makeup and jewellery that I really can’t afford on my non existent income. 

You really want to know some more?  OK, well I moan and complain quite a lot, I cant help it sadly.  I can also be pretty sarcastic but unfortunately I cant always pick up on other peoples sarcasm coz I suck like that XD


 Happy Reading


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