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So I’m pretty sure I said I would blog about this at some point.  I really cant be bothered but I figured I’d do a brief low down on it all along with some pictures just because it was so awesome! Read the rest of this entry »


My mam and dad came down to visit me yesterday (first time that they came for a visit and not just to pick me up/drop me off).

We eventually ended up at Scarborough Castle.  Now I’ve walked up to it a few times and around the outside that you can get too but I’ve never bothered to pay to actually go inside…I always assumed it was really expensive (it wasnt too bad with my student card).

We didnt get given the audio thing as there wasnt much time till it shut but to be honest I dont think I would have bothered with wanted to listen to it I prefer to just look.

It got me thinking though…I dont think I’ve ever seen a real castle. Read the rest of this entry »

So when I was 14 very nearly 15 I finally got the Vans I’d been eyeing up in Schuh for about a year.  I didnt care that my friend at school had the same ones, I’d wanted them longer (my opinion, perhaps not fact).  I had those gorgeous shoes right up till I went off to uni when I decided I’d better chuck them otherwise my mother would.  They were manky by this point like, the material inside at the back was all worn off and the actual backing plastic stuff had cracked.  One pair had a hole right through the sole so that when it rained my feet got soaked (I did try to fix this with masking tape, it didnt work).  I wouldnt be surprised if they stank to high heavens from being so old and ratty.  But I loved them. Read the rest of this entry »

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