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I have come up with 2 foolproof ways of getting rich.  These 2 genius ideas came to me while I sat and watched FlogIt! (anyone else noticed how crap tv is around 3 pm?), though I’m pretty sure I’ve thought of them before.  Anway, here they are: Read the rest of this entry »


Go listen…or if you dont want to hear it all then skip to just before the last song, because Mike Davies played the song I requested for his Green Day request show 🙂 And he read out my name and email. Im well happy….maybe a bit too happy about it but yays! Im classing it as a shout out, I think its only like the second time I’ve ever been personally mentioned on the radio, the other time was on Kerrang like 3 years ago or something lol.

So yea, koutos to me and all that shiz 😀

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