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…It would be to see The Clash live.

The Story of The Clash - Volume 1

The Clash

I was just listening to Mike Davies punk show on BBC radio 1 and he had Joe Sib one of the owners of Side One Dummy records.  Joe was telling stories about when he met Joe Strummer from the Clash and it kinda just made me reminiss about when I realised how awsome that band was. Read the rest of this entry »


I havent wrote about my xmas horde yet and figured I’d better before New Year or I never would.  I didnt ask for any big expensive present this year.  So I got the usual random bath stuffs off family friends/distant relatives.  Bits of cash, toothpaste and toothbrush off the ‘toothfairy’ (LOL).  The customary apple and orange in the bottom of my stocking with the £2 coin (I demand a satsuma or tangerine or clementine…anything but a real big orange!). Read the rest of this entry »

So from the title you may suspect that I’m going to rage on about how the Christmas number 1 isnt very christmasy or something like that…well I’m not coz to be honest I didnt give a BEEP that RATM won…I’m just glad it wasnt xfactor for once.

So no, instead get settled in for a lovely rant from me about why the world (i.e. Scarborough, UK) is full of ignorant sods! Read the rest of this entry »

OK so maybe not the ultimate xmas songs lol, but they are the ones I quite like a lot :]

Today I had step into chirstmas stuck in my head which was strange because I actually had crocodile rock on at the time.  So because I dont actually own xmas songs (whats the point? You just delete or skip after xmas anyway) I opened Spotify and put on “Now Thats What I Call Xmas” …the latest version (2009 baby!)

So here’s a list of my favourite xmas songs, they arent really in order or most to least favourite because to be fair the order changes a lot lol.  And also sadly I dont own these songs so I cant put them in the blog for you to hear though I may be able to do some weird Spotify thing that allows you to listen if you also have spotify (you should get it if you dont, its awsome! So ok you cant download songs but it saves you from having to download ones you later delete i.e. xmas songs!)


So here’s the list: Read the rest of this entry »