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Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl played by Taylor Momsen used to be one of my favourite GG characters, she had great hair and fashion sense and she didnt seem afraid to be different (though she at the same time she tried way to hard to fit in with Blair etc).

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I am determined to find a jacket like the one Dakota Fanning wears in Push.  Knowing my luck with fashion they will probably be all the rage in about 2 years (I remember wanting a fishermans hat in yr 4 and they came in fashion briefly when I was in yr 6 I think, then yr 10 I looked everywhere for a long white gypsy skirt and they were out the following summer in yr 11, so I got one!).

Anyway here’s what Ive found so far:

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I give in about the price of Push and brought it yesterday.  It was a good film and once again I was impressed with Dakota Fanning.  She’s only about 15 or 16 and I think she is a pretty amazing actress.  Even in films she did when she was much younger like I Am Sam she is amazing….which is why I hate her! 

I don’t hate her, Im just extremely jealous of her.  To be able to act like she can, at her age too! mannn!

Acording to imdb her first name is Hannah, and Tom Cruise gave her a mobile phone for her 11th birthday (not sure why that is important.)

I have the same shoes that she wears in Push, but I want the jacket she wears, its a very nice one!


That concludes my love-hate relationship with her.  It may seem like I hate her more but I dont, I dont hate her at all, Im just extremly jealous of her

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