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I haven’t blogged in ages and can’t really be bothered to think of a more inventive title.  So this one pretty much sums up what this blog is about.  Yerrr, my holiday in Florida.  I think it will pretty much be a day by day acount of where I went. Read the rest of this entry »


I often think of something to blog about when I’m falling asleep; I write the entire thing in my head as I’m too cozy to move for a pen and paper or to turn my light on…I’m also too tired to bother waiting for my laptop to get itself ready for usage.

So with that in mind this blog will blatently not be as good as it was when I thought it up last night and the entire point of it will probably be missed as often happens when I do this =p

As the title may suggest (though I havent thought up the title of this yet so it might not!) this blog is about Alice in Wonderland…the new film.  I’m not going to talk about the film per-say so this shouldnt have any spoilers in it (but lets be honest here…I’m pretty sure most people know the general gist of Alice in Wonderland anyway). Read the rest of this entry »

My mam and dad came down to visit me yesterday (first time that they came for a visit and not just to pick me up/drop me off).

We eventually ended up at Scarborough Castle.  Now I’ve walked up to it a few times and around the outside that you can get too but I’ve never bothered to pay to actually go inside…I always assumed it was really expensive (it wasnt too bad with my student card).

We didnt get given the audio thing as there wasnt much time till it shut but to be honest I dont think I would have bothered with wanted to listen to it I prefer to just look.

It got me thinking though…I dont think I’ve ever seen a real castle. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m so glad that I decided to check the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams just in case.  My little face lit up with joy when I spied it sitting open on the “get-your-makeup-done-here” desk.  I briskly walked over to the stand and picked up a box.  I couldnt see a price but I new it was between £20 and £30.  I didnt care how much it cost, I just took it straight over to the nearest free cashier.

I bet your dying to know what it is now huh?  Ok so you know that it’s makeup and its Urban Decay and that I wasnt expecting it to be in Debenhams yet.  But what was it?? Read the rest of this entry »

I finally got round to going to see that film everyone’s talking about – yes Avatar.  It was pretty amazing! Read the rest of this entry »

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