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Last night I went to a gig on my own for the second time in my life.  It was about a year ago when I went to my first lonesome gig (King Blues in York).  This one was back at home in Newcastle; I went to see Kill Hannah (shush don’t laugh!)

So yea…on my own.  Read the rest of this entry »


No… seriously don’t bother.  You don’t have to kiss me and I sure aint shit faced right now – I haven’t been for quite a while now lol.

Title of post = I went to see the Dropkick Murphys last night.  It was awsome!  (urgh I need a new word, I’m so sick of saying awsome…I’m not American dammit!) Read the rest of this entry »

I finally saw Green Day!!  I remember when they did their American Idiot tour back when I was 15 and quite a lot of my mates got tickets but I never did.  So even though this time they weren’t playing Newcastle I was determined to get get tickets.  (It was actually really easy, the internet didnt crash or anything).

So Hayley Rose and I went to see Green Day in Manchester at the M.E.N. Arena on October 31 2009 (Yesh Halloween!!).  How was it? Read the rest of this entry »

I dont know why Im writing this. Im absolutely shattered so I should really go off to bed. But no…I cant resist a bit of blogging at 00.14 hours.

So Saturday morning I wake up around 7ish to say ta-ra to the rents. Then I couldnt Read the rest of this entry »

I thought I’d make a list of the gigs I’ve been too, and if I can remember, a bit of a description about what I thought of it (can you tell I’m just avoiding work?)

  1. P!nk(30/3/2004) – This was my very first gig, I was 14 and went with my sister and her friend. It was the Try This tour and I loved it. P!nk had a lot of hair and costume changes lol.
  2. Faithless(24/4/2005) – I also went with my sister to this one, I didnt particually like them but she was going to go on her own. They were actually really good, we ended up moving seats too coz the ones we had had a bit of a naff view and the seating wasnt sold out so we moved around to the other side. We Come One was especially good!
  3. Radio 1’s big weekend, Sunderland(7/5/2005) – A free gig and it was bloody awsome! Mainly because the Foo Fighters headlined!! And there was Kasabian who were really good too. We just stayed in the main tent for this. Read the rest of this entry »

Im not quite sure how you spot the classic loner….except Im guessing they would be on their own…or not talking to anyone that they are with (wow it sounds like me haha)

I was inspired to write this blog from my recent burst of lonerness. What was it? I went to a gig on my own! (omg, shock horror, how could you? are you mad?)

Haha I am neither mad nor sane, Read the rest of this entry »

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