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I meant to have this written before 2010 started as it seemed like making a list of 2009 was the thing to be done (pretty much everything I saw whether it was blog, dodgy free magazines, the news etc had made one).  And as I enjoy making lists then here’s a list of a few things I remember from 2009…I hope most of them will be good ones. Read the rest of this entry »


So its a gig and they dont need rules BUT I thought I would write down some guidlines based on my observations from the 28 gigs I’ve been to (okay so its not as many as some people but its more than others).

  1. This is mainly for guys, but girls should read it and acknowledge the stupidity of what you do.  If you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend please do NOT stand with your arms around her all protectively. Yes we all know you love her and want everyone to be aware of this but purrrlease, its really annoying how you dont let anyone come within a mile radius of you (and godforbid that someone actually bumps into you both).
  2. Following on from #1. If you do insist on standing like that, at least stand at the side/back/bascially not in the middle at the front. We know its your girlfriends favourite band like ever and she wants to get really close to them, but standing as noted in #1 means you are taking up valuable space and your going to get pushed a bit anyway.
  3. Tall people stand further back please :] Read the rest of this entry »

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