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Answer to my title question: Well I havent discovered it yet but it’s not too bad.

So I was going to wait till after my last exam (this Friday) and then blog about the rest of my life or something.  But well I havent blogged in so long and decided I would share todays experience with anyone interested in reading.

Today I got my first bikini wax.  It didnt hurt too much actually. ^_^ Read the rest of this entry »


So I didnt really wanna right this, Im kinda feeling a bit drunk so sorry in advance for the spelling mistakes.  I’ll try my best to correct them when I spot them :]  But at the same time I kinda wanna write it coz all these feelings pent up inside me probably aint good for me….no wonder I get so many spots these days, all this fricken stress. Read the rest of this entry »

Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl played by Taylor Momsen used to be one of my favourite GG characters, she had great hair and fashion sense and she didnt seem afraid to be different (though she at the same time she tried way to hard to fit in with Blair etc).

But now, new Jenny….Queen of Constance is Read the rest of this entry »

The title is based on a book by Dyan Sheldon (it’s about one of the lasses from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen which was turned into a surprisingly good film staring Lindsey Lohan) so don’t get carried away thinking I have a perfect life LOL.

Back to blog:

So I was reading Hayley’s blog about how she wants a more exciting life and it made me question my life…I too wish for a more exciting one.  This is the most fun I’ve had all week: Read the rest of this entry »

This made me laugh….until I realised it was stopping me from getting last nights episode of Gossip Girl Read the rest of this entry »

I need to rant and vent and vent and rant so bare with me or just dont read at all lol.  I cant even be bothered to colourise it but at least I remembered the more button. Read the rest of this entry »

I have nothing to say except … Read the rest of this entry »