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Or the uneventful life of a dole monger (pronunced mon-ger as in fish monger not mong-er lol). Read the rest of this entry »


Tweeting Goodness

  • The paracetamol my grandma gave me expired in 2016....,I’ll be fine right? 3 days ago
  • RT @Alex_Verbeek: 🇨🇲 I like this 😊 These students in Cameroon are turning discarded plastic bottles into boats. #zerowaste #innovation3 days ago
  • Although I’ve took Scott to work, been skating, fixed the toe stop on my skates, cleaned the rabbit and hung the wa…… 3 days ago
  • When you’ve been in work an hour and already surpassed your target. Is it home time yet? 5 days ago
  • How come every time I think I’ll build some flexi I get ill and end up using flexi/hols instead of building them 😥 6 days ago

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