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Or the uneventful life of a dole monger (pronunced mon-ger as in fish monger not mong-er lol). Read the rest of this entry »


For some reason lately I’ve been having a really big urge to dress up as a princess.  This could be a mix of watching Princess Diaries 1 + 2 for the first time in a long while and also from repeatedly seeing an advert for Vera Wang Princess perfume on telly.  But I now have the urge to go for a night Read the rest of this entry »

So from the title you may suspect that I’m going to rage on about how the Christmas number 1 isnt very christmasy or something like that…well I’m not coz to be honest I didnt give a BEEP that RATM won…I’m just glad it wasnt xfactor for once.

So no, instead get settled in for a lovely rant from me about why the world (i.e. Scarborough, UK) is full of ignorant sods! Read the rest of this entry »

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