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[This was meant to go before my graduation post but this was on my laptop which was dead but I have a new wire yay!]

Random title I know but I will get to it eventually (you’ve got to start at the beginning you know); it’s not as fun as it sounds. Read the rest of this entry »


OK this blog is called Monopoly Land as its all about London and to me monopoly IS London (I dont care that you can get other citys and counites such as newcastle, sunderland, yorkshire – or that in a different country monopoly boards probably have their places not London – and I especially dont care that now you buy the world in monopoly instead of pal mal!).  While I was in London I was going to take a photo of signs for all the places on monopoly – I only found a marylebonne station sign and didnt take a photo LOL.  One day I shall! Read the rest of this entry »

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