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So I just happened to be on google and looking for Wicked Lovely information. It’s the first book in a series by Mellisa Marr. The book are about the faerie and human world; there’s 3 out so far. Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. But I just happened to find out that the 4th (and second last :[ booo only going to be 5 books *sniffle*) Radiant Shadows is out in April – though I’m not sure if that’s just america or the UK too…hopefully the UK too.

But then I found some mixed feeling news. Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been meaning to make a blog of this for quite a while, especially when I see certain films.  So basically this is a list of things everyone should know so that they can survive any ordeal that life throws at them :]  No doubt I’ll add to it as I think of more things that I have learnt. Read the rest of this entry »

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