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I had my ipod on today (no surprise there) and Dangerous Type by Letters To Cleo came on.  I love that song and I first heard it on the soundtrack to the film The Craft.  So that got me thinking of all the films I’ve seen with ‘supernatural’ things (basically werewolves, vampires and witches Im on about here…there’s far to many alien films to list!).  I guess the fact that I was reading a book by L. J. Smith helped with this thinking seeing as her books are all about supernatural beings and soulmates and other such ‘nonsense’

So anyway, here is my list of films (the ones I remember anyway).  I could do books but Ive read far to many to list or even remember. Read the rest of this entry »


Im not quite sure how you spot the classic loner….except Im guessing they would be on their own…or not talking to anyone that they are with (wow it sounds like me haha)

I was inspired to write this blog from my recent burst of lonerness. What was it? I went to a gig on my own! (omg, shock horror, how could you? are you mad?)

Haha I am neither mad nor sane, Read the rest of this entry »

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