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Well summer was here…it’s a bit miserable outside today.  But this isn’t meant to be me talking about the weather like us Brits do so well; I’m just glad I got to the hoppins before any potential rain comes and turns it into a mud bath – I do need to go again though because my friend I went with hates waltzers and they are my favourite ride ever!  And I didn’t really want to go on one on my own; so any waltzer fans please make yourself known so I can go to the hoppins before it shuts next Saturday.

After that slight detour I shall get back to what I was planning on mummbling on about.  Music :] Read the rest of this entry »


Stage directions in italics.

Setting: circa 10.30 am Sunday 16th August 2009, the Dinning Room.

Daughter comes downstairs for breakfast; Father is sitting there playing his melodeon/accordion instrument.  Daughter eats a bowl of Kellogs cocopops topped with raisins and strawberries.  Just as she finshes up the Father stops playing and starts talking… Read the rest of this entry »

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