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So if you didnt talk to me yesterday you’re probably thinking “w.t.f?” about my title.  Well hold your horses coz all will be revealed laters.  But first bare with me as I do a run down of the events of Saturday day :] Read the rest of this entry »


ok so that was my status yesterday….it reminded me of being at an AA meeting but instead of saying “hi my name is Lizzy and Im an alcoholic” I was at a shit day meeting instead (note to readers…Im not an alcoholic nor have I ever been to an AA meeting).

So yesterday: Read the rest of this entry »

I figured it was time to post this blog, its been well over a month since I wrote it.  I was going to wait till I had a decent photo and put that on too, but I havent been able to get a good one, they’re all at dodgy angles.  Nor have I bothered asking anyone to take one for me yet…I shall do though at some point and then I’ll put that photo up.  I also figured it was time to post this as I’ve told about 6 people and maybe more have seen it when I’ve been drunk – who knows…but yea that’s more than what I say in this blog.  So sit back and relax and settle in to read a post that I wrote in January. Read the rest of this entry »

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