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The Day No-One Got Murdered

Posted on: April 25, 2010

So if you didnt talk to me yesterday you’re probably thinking “w.t.f?” about my title.  Well hold your horses coz all will be revealed laters.  But first bare with me as I do a run down of the events of Saturday day :]

In a previous post I mentioned that I wanted my frowny pierced but it was too small and my smiley was already split.  So after a bit of thinking (and contemplating tongue webbing but deciding not to as I didnt think I could keep my tongue out the way while the webbing got pierced LOL) I went to York to investigate hip piercing.

Many people on the internet seem to think they are ugly…I quite like them.  And yes many other people think they are pointless as they are surface piercings and therefore wont last long – but I am not many people, I am just one person and to be honest all these losers on the internet probably dont even have their ears pierced never mind their hips.

So I thought I’d try Classix in york, its a nice shop with nice clothes, I’ve got some nice Iron Fist things from there in the past.  I thought the woman was a bit up her self.  She didnt do the piercings herself but I think she was like in charge of the whole place.  She said they only did hips as microdermals or whatever they’re called.  While I was waiting for the piercer to ask more questions this woman was getting annoyed about some annoying goth lass in the shop who had “stupid contacts in her eyes” and was acting like she knew everything about piercing…maybe she did LOL but the shop owner was getting well pissed off.  Oh and the woman told me they didnt do tongue webs because she  didnt see the point in them.  As I said earlier – she wasnt even the piercer!

Anyway the lass doing the piercings was much nicer.  She explained about dermal anchor things; they numb you which takes about and hour apparently then they pierce you with a needle and your skin stretches so they can pop the anchor in…then your tissue just grows around it.  I said I’d have a think about it and go back.  To be honest I dont think I would have got it becuase I like the 2 balls that you get with a surface piercing as opposed to a random stud on each hip that you would get with a dermal.  Some well placed dermals can look ok but I think most are a bit daft (like on your finger…why??)

So I went to York Body Piercing Clinic on Micklegate where I got my tongue done a few years ago (actually the lass piercing in Classix looked vaguelly like her, it might have actually been her).  The same dude still owns YBPC and he specialises in surface piercings.  He said he could do hips either dermal or surface which ever I prefered; so I went for the surface of course.  It was £35 for one and I wanted both…one on its own would be a bit daft.  So yea I payed £70 for some piercings that may have a high rejection rate or not last long anyway.

It didnt hurt…he numbed it nicely then there was a slight sting but I wasnt sure if it was the needle or the numbing stuff iritating me.  Then I thought he was just holding onto my flesh till he was like “right thats one done”.  The left one hurt a bit slightly as the skin was tougher there for some reason so it took longer to pierce.  But they were both fine.  Out of my piercings and tattoo I still think my ears hurt the most.  Maybe it was the gun or the lack of numbing agents 😛 (though I wasnt numbed for my tattoo!)….maybe I should try a piercing without numbing first LOL.

My left side was hurting slightly as I walked back to mine from the train station…I thought my right was fine till I got back and realised the plaster had came up at the bottom and my rancid t-shirt had a bright red stain that looked like a felt tip…my knickers also had blood on the waste band.  I took my plasters off; I was told to only keep them on for up to 3 hours anyway, plus the right side wasnt doing any good.  I was then going to meet my mate in town as it was sunny and I was bored.  However I was bleeding every time I moved so I thought it was safer to just lie on my bed and watch Vampire Diaries.

Now I’m nearly up to the murder part :]

Ashlie saw my hips and was like “why?” and also “you’re never going to York on your own, you always come home with another piercing”  (so not true!  I rarely come home with piercings) and also “why not your belly” … I dont really fancy my belly pierced LOL.  And yea my hips may be a bit fat for hip piercing but to be honest I’ve been this size for like the last 3 years and I seriously dont think I’m going to get much thinner or fatter!

So murder!  We were off to a murder mystery evening.  It was meant to be a catch up, me ash becky and sam but becky cried off and prefered to hang out at the George where she used to live.  So it was just us 3.  Had a bit of a laugh just talking about random crap.  Sams ok now, I hated him at first but I hate most people when I first meet them.  It was geting on for 8 and it still hadnt started, we’d already eaten although we later got told that we werent meant to have eaten yet.  This whole thing was meant to start at 7 so it was running late.  It had been organised by some lasses at uni and not very well advertised, we’d just found out the night before via an email saying we could pay half price on the door instead.

There was about 15 people there and it got cancelled.  The actors refused to perform if there was less than 30 people!  Really they should have a back up script for situations like this.  We said between us that they should have got the drama students at uni to do it instead.  They said they’d reemburse us and we could still eat and use the bar (not that I was drinking) but the money was for charity and we felt a bit sorry for them as the actors were still demanding to be paid £150!!  So we let them keep our money (I think everyone did!) and Sam won a bottle of wine in the raffle.

Some lecturer was there and I think he managed to get rid of the actors, dunno if he paid them less or not at all or had to pay the full fee; though he was arguing with them quite a bit.

It was a shame it never happened; I’ve never actually been to a murder mystery dinner (my mams been to a few) and I reckon it would have been a laugh.  Stupid fussy actors!

So yea…basically no-one got murdered!  Oh and I eventually told Ash that I have a tattoo LOL.  She was like “why didnt you tell me” and I was like “well to be honest I havent told many people and you never come out with us so you wont have seen it”

Yea…that was my day.  Now I’m attempting to find ways to put off doing my disertation :[


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