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Does Painless Waxing Exist?

Posted on: May 23, 2010

Answer to my title question: Well I havent discovered it yet but it’s not too bad.

So I was going to wait till after my last exam (this Friday) and then blog about the rest of my life or something.  But well I havent blogged in so long and decided I would share todays experience with anyone interested in reading.

Today I got my first bikini wax.  It didnt hurt too much actually. ^_^

I went to the Crown Spa…I thought I’d try somewhere upmarket instead of the place where I normaly get my eyebrows done (I actually think the Crown Spa is cheaper for eyebrows too…or maybe that’s just because I got memebers discount).  So I’ve had my eyebrows waxed quite a few times but thats the only bodily part of my I’ve had done.  I decided to get a bikini wax because well its sunny and therefore beach weather.  I normally just shave it but seriously I shave it and in like an hour it seems to have grown back in.  NOT FUNNY!  Shaving also itches really bad and kinda gives me a dodgy shaving rash that I dont get on my legs or underarms.

So I figured waxing was the way forward; I decided to start now to see how bad it was and how long it’ll last then I can get it done before I go on holiday which will save me a bit of time in the shower each day :]

As it was my first time I was pretty unsure of what to expect so I read a lot of stuff on the internet to ‘inform’ me.  They recomended wearing a thong back to front and taking painkillers before hand.  So I took my iboprofen while watching a few minutes of the gossip girl finale (it was the bit where Dan punches Chuck) then toddled off to the CS.

The woman doing it was nice and talked me through everything.  With it being my first bikini wax she used sugar waxing instead of the hard wax because she said it would be slightly less painfull.  The sides and the top werent tooo bad it was more when she did the underneath bit that it hurt a bit more but the pain didnt last long so that was ok.  My eyebrows were over in like 5 seconds as usual and didnt hurt anymore than they do at the other place where I usually get them done.

She advised me not to have a shower today as my pores would still be open but if I did it should be cool.  I think I was meant to keep out the water and sun in general.  So I went down the beach.  I only went in the sea briefly and kept my shorts on.  The water was freezing as it hadnt had time to heat up.  The beach seemed to be full of sticky sand; I swear it hadn’t been that bad on Thursday when I was last down there.

The back of my shoulders are still annoyingly red and burnt from Thursday even though Ive been moisturising them and keeping them covered up.  I hope the red goes away soon.  On the plus side I do have a slight shorts tan line – proof that my legs are tanning slowly but surely (though I think the backs are still white as!).  My tattoo isnt burnt so that’s good ^_^

It started spitting slightly, I dont think it lasted long but I took that as my que to leave the beach and go to Tesco before it closed for Sunday hours.  I got home and had a shower to get rid of all the sand.  So I may have disobeyed the waxer but the shower was pretty cold without the cold tap….there seemed to be no hot water left for some reason.  Then I watched Star Trek Nemesis.  I enjoyed it even though I had no idea who anyone was (I don’t think Spock or Captain Kirk were in it).  The only other Star Trek I’ve seen fully is that new film that was out last year (which I also enjoyed).  Sadly Scotty wasn’t there to beam anyone up.

So yea that’s been my life today.  I’m debating sleeping with my window open tonight and risking spiders etc.  Well its not as if early morning birds and cars can wake me up seeing as I keep waking up around half 5 – 6ish anyway because of the sun.  Its annoying me that because by 9pm Im shattered lol.


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